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Sayévian culture
Basic Information
Culture Name




Team color


Team members
  • Monia doumit
  • Gaelle massoud
  • Joseph sayegh
  • Gaby aboukaram
  • Elie chakar
  • Charbel bathiche
  • Jamil haddad
  • Joelle sakr
  • Nadine naouss
  • Marc tohme
  • Elie Njeim
Forms of expression
Habits and beliefs
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Members of the Sayévian culture

  • Monia doumit
  • Gaelle massoud
  • Joseph sayegh
  • Gaby aboukaram
  • Elie chakar
  • Charbel bathiche
  • Jamil haddad
  • Joelle sakr
  • Nadine naouss
  • Marc tohme
  • Elie Njeim

Name of culture and ethymology

Marc Tohme 10:10, 27 October 2012


Sayevia is a word composed by two words saye and via and saye via means save life because by planting trees and expanding the nature the sayevs are saving Rafa Rafa .

Sayèvia's Traditional Cuisine:

By Nadine Naous 5:20 , 26 October 2012 (EDT)

Sayèvian Dessert :

The traditional sayèvian dessert is composed of :

_ Croutinapa : green cookies with mynt chocolate and coconut.

_ Comacas : banana with condensed milk and cocoa. (frozen)

By Jamil Haddad 23:37 , 5 november 2012 (EDIT)

Sayevian Main Dish :

_Suffia : fried fish with date's oil and special adds with coconut milk

Sayevian Salad :

_Veltaria : Mixture of letuce kinds & colors with pineapple, mango, & kiwi with a very special passion fruit sauce

Jamil Haddad 11:02, 6 November 2012 (EST)

Sayevia's Religion

Elie Chacar 10:55, 26 October 2012 (EDT)

The beginning of a religion:

When the scientists first came to Sayevia.They needed to eat so they began to search for trees, they found a lot of trees that don't give fruits or vegetables. After a lot of searching, they found a huge tree that gives all kinds of fruits and vegetables. And after a while they felt connected to the tree which started to talk to specific people called "the sayeviors" asking them to encourage the "sayevs" to pray to it for the comming of Sayev's god,the god of gods.

The god of gods

Marc Tohme 10:10, 27 October 2012 (EDT)

So the sayevs prayed and prayed. And after many years the tree opened and a man came out of it. He had leaves for hair and branches for arms. Then he started to talk to the sayevs and tell them that they have to worship the tree because it's the source of life of Sayevia and that they have to worship him because he gave the power to that tree. And while he was out of the tree he impregnated some women and their babies were born gods, so he became the god of gods.

The Gods Charbel Bathiche

Katakch god of darkness

A myth says that a masteries shadow terrorized one of the sayevian camps, it  killed every living thing within 100m radies it became a death zone. The people who servived began hallucinating shouting Katakch the destroyer the dark shadow the imortal. A terore  was about to hit the sayevians,the only way to stop him was by putting on a stone a drop of water from the main tree of life.Now there are some secret society that preformes retualls to quip Katakch in the crused stone beliving that the god of darkness well take over the hole planet and no one would get in his way.     

Distrompso god of the dead

Distrompso was a farmer, but on the day of his death his body desentagrated forming a White   Crystal. They belive he is the god of the dead because when the Crystal was buried all of the corps turnd into green wich symbolize  that life continues for the dead.

Ekaron god of magic

  When the sayevian landed on the planet,one of the scientists was wondering in a valley for finding new resources, on his way back to the camp he found a blue light.The cause of it was a man sparkling  crafting some kind of artifact, once the scientist got close the mestiriace man desapeard into thin are. The name Ekaron represent blue light and he is considerd god of magic because the artifact recovered from the cave has helped in curing some diseases, charming some weapons, and the scientist who held the artifact can now see in the dark, cast some kind of magical spell. Scientists are now unlocking the magical power of the artifact.

Davanty goddess of love

A women's scream was heard, a heart chattered. A farmer saw her she turned into a red flame her body vanished into thin air and the sky turnd red. She formd into a star and the call her gaddess of love because every Sayevian woman can still hear the pain the scream of  Davanty a woman whose haert was broken  by a man who left for another woman.Her love for him was eternal even after her death you cn still see his name carved on the ground where she vanished.

Dostavok the god of land

The myth said that before harvet seasone a man named Dostavok always kissed the ground. People thought he was crazy but the next day his harvest grew bigger and bigger. When he died his body transformed into a tree and he is now a main land mark in the sayevian geographie

Economic system

Joelle Sakr 11:51, 26 October 2012 (EDT)

Currency in this culture is close to trade. People get their 'cash' by planting since seeds replace the American Dollar or Lebanese Pound for example. So there money actually does grow on trees.


Joelle Sakr 11:51, 26 October 2012 (EDT)

In all of the Sayevz'z paintings we find at least a tree with three branches on every side (the tree of sayevia) sybolising as well hospitality of the people.


The sayevz's hat's color

Gaby Abou Karam 11:44, 26 October 2012 (EDT)

Every hat of every sayevs has a special color for the leave on it:

Red: love

Yellow: generous

Foushia: energetic

Orange: funny

Green: wisdom

Brown: serious

White: patient

Black: stingy

The Family Tree

Gaby Abou Karam 12:18, 26 October 2012 (EDT)

The Family tree is found in the middle of Sayevia. The tree represents all of the sayevs. And it's called "Family" tree because the sayevs are one big family. When a sayevs is born a new leaf grows on the tree . When a sayevs dies the leaf becomes grey.

Greetings and Goodbyes

Marc Tohme 11:01, 27 October 2012 (EDT)

When two people meet each person should jump 2 times and then stare in the other's eyes for five seconds.

When three or more people meet each person should jump many times based on the number of people meeting (i.e. if four people meet each person should jump four times) and then they clap one time.

And when they have to leave each person should take three steps backwards and then turns a 180 degrees, afterwards he takes three steps forwards, turns back and finally waves his right foot.

Signs of disrespect

Marc Tohme 14:39, 6 November 2012 (EST)

Changing the steps in the greetings and the goodbyes is considered as an insult.

When someone really wants to hurt another person he should say to him:" Nga lu kehe ngay Sayevs" which means :" you're not a true Sayevs" and that's very disrespectful because for all the people in Sayevia being a true Sayevs is very important, it is a question of pride.

Signs of respect

Marc Tohme 14:39, 6 November 2012 (EST)

To show your respect to someone who's sick you should shake this person's left pinky and then kiss his right pinky. We chose this fimger because the pinky represents the helath of a person.

To show respect to a person you meet in life you should stare at his eyes for a while, the length of the while represents how much you respect this person.

To show respect to someone you are talking to, you should look at his lips because not only you'll be hearing you'll be also seeing what this person is telling you.

Sayevia's day'"

At sayevia's day, all of the sayevz are competing against each other. The one who wins is named "cheif of the sayevz"

""Sayevia birth day""

When a new sayevz is born we plant for him a tree wich will grow with the sayevz.

"sayevia's lover""

To show his/her love to his/her soulmate, each one of the lover exchange with his/her soulmate his/her birthtree.

To find his/her soulmate the sayevz asks about the kind of his/her birthtree. Monia Doumit 10:24, 1 November 2012 (EDT)

Green Week Gaelle Massoud 04:19, 3 November 2012 (EDT)

The scientitsts organize a camp for the Sayevz in wich they divide them in groups , and each one of these try out new combinations of plant seeds in order to unravel new plant types.

"Birthday "

Every year on the sayevz birthday a fruit grows on the birthtree.

"Baptism" Baptism of the sayevz is done on the 7 month of the birth with tree leaves. Monia Doumit 15:18, 5 November 2012 (EST)



Elie Njeim 12:06, 26 October 2012 (EDT)

-First article : Any kind Killing is faced with death sentence unless if it was :- killing your husband/wife for cheating on you and you are also allowed to kill the person your wife / husband was cheating on you with, self defense (depends on the case).

-Second article: Stealing of any kind is faced with 2 years of prison.

-Third article: Offensive language or physical offence is faced with 6 month of prison.

-Fourth article: Rape is faced with life sentence prison.

-Fifth article: A house must be with 2 balconies 8 windows and is composed of 10 room maximum , its interior must have semi-oval doors violation to these rules will be faced with the destruction of the house.

-Sixth article: Any forgery or impersonation attempt is faced with several years of prison depending on the case.

-Seventh article: Merchants must sell merchandise at reasonable prices otherwise he will be exiled.

-Eighth article: To lead the people one must pass several moral and physical tests(sayevia day). And you are allowed to defy the leader to take his place with a bare hands duel that ends by death.

-Ninth article: the people leader locally named "sute eyktan" must be faithful to his people or will spend the rest of his life tortured in the way that the people thinks he deserves.


The Alphabet

Gaelle Massoud 14:46, 6 November 2012 (EST) The sayevian alphabet is devided into 13 voyels see fig 2 and 19 consonants see fig 1


Gaelle Massoud 15:58, 6 November 2012 (EST) foyllatu lu mer ftxavang risiwantama lu mi mer reypay phoenietx mer niwotx fkeu ha ken monsema ka tron fmi ne pres huas see fig 4 "victory is our passion , resurrection is in our blood, the phoenix our god all mighty , so an advice ...don't even try to mess with us."


by joseph sayegh
Sayévian culture/Lexicon


instruments are



The top of a bottle with a balloon

Aluminium baguets

Shampoo bottle with rice

Pan with cling film

Monia Doumit 13:37, 4 November 2012 (EST)


Civil buildings

Elie Njeim 13:31, 6 November 2012 (EST)

it is a house of one floor or more depends on the persons social classification the more floors the higher the class, with a rounded roof too avoid water conservation on the ceiling and on the inside the walls are made of one thick layer of concrete and some sort of metal found in the sayevz teritory then about two thin layers of artificial wood that isolates outside temperature completely so the wouldn't feel the heat and coldness of the outside world rooms are triangular, circle shaped or any four sides shape more than four sides is a shame in the sayevian culture and due to this architecture the LAW OF ARCHITECTURE APPLIES(fifth article)

Religious buildings

Elie Chacar 15:13, 6 November 2012 (EST)

The religious buildings, known as the "Gods Trees", are the trees that the gods of sayevia lived in.

Distrompso the god the dead, has not a tree like the other gods, but he lived in the ground with all the sayevs dead.The scientists did not knew the details of his house but they thought that it was very crazy.

Davanty the god of love has the most beautiful tree in Sayevia, with the most delicious fruits and vegetables, and also the biggest tree.Davanty knew how to protect his tree with love and peace.Inside the tree, the rooms are not as much luxuary as the others gods, but decorated with little trees and more nice things.

Katakch the god of darkness has a big black tree whithout any fruits. the entrance of the tree is decorated with black and red little trees.Inside, there is not any light, candles... and the rooms are very large.Katakch has a luxuary big room also in black.

Ekaron the god of magic, has not a specific "tree" or "house" that he lives in.He always change his tree to do new tricks in different parts of the country.

Education system in Sayevia

Marc Tohme 14:36, 6 November 2012 (EST)

In Sayevia the kids start school at five years old and finishes at fifteen years old.

The stages

Marc Tohme 14:36, 6 November 2012 (EST)

There are 5 stages in a student's education:

1- Little school school (first and second year) where they emphasize on teaching the Sayevian language, counting, flowers and religion.

2- Basic school ( third and fourth year) where they focus on reading, adding and subtracting, plants, music and religion.

3- Additional school ( fifth, sixth, and seventh year), it's like the basic school but with more details.

4- Last steps school ( eighth and ninth year) where they learn writing, multiplying and dividing, trees, history and religion.

5- Review school ( tenth year), it's a review of all the stages with all the details.

P.S.: for the religion it's the same program but with more details every year.

The schedule

Marc Tohme 14:36, 6 November 2012 (EST)

In little school the schedule is three days in six, for seven hours a day.

In basic and additional school the schedule is four days in six, for eight hours a day.

In last steps school the schedule is five days in six, for nine hours a day.

In review school the schedule is six days in six, for nine hours a day.

The vacations

Marc Tohme 14:36, 6 November 2012 (EST)

In Sayevia there are two big vacations for the students:

"The Autumn break" which is in the autumn and it lasts for the first six weeks of this season.

"The Spring vacation" which is in spring and it lasts for the last six weeks of that season.


By Monia Doumit


By Monia Doumit


old stone: we find a very old stone dating back several one thousand years it was discovered by a former chief Valcove. This stone shows the extent of the disease Malpoco.