Public Speaking and Speech Writing Camp

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Presentation of the Camp

Dates of the Camp: March 2nd (5 PM) to March 4th (1 PM)

Theme of the Camp: Racism

Primary and principal objectives of the Camp:

In MUNOC training:

- Group-work

- Dialogue

In MUN training:

- Public Speaking

- Speech Writing

MUN Conference Ressources

This is a link to the Background Guide for the topic of the MUN Conference: Elimination of Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance (in GA3).

Detailed Programme of the Camp

Here is the detailed programme of the camp, as also available in PDF format here

Generic plan for day 1: Preparation

  • Arrival and setting-up of camp (about half an hour)
  • Activity I (about two hours) - Public Speaking preparation:

These sessions will take place in the great hall. All delegates are to be seated, except for one speaker at a time, who will be given time to speak on a topic he will be given a few days earlier. The delegates will be filmed as they speak.

After the speaking exercise, there will be a projection of a few speeches. Delegates are to take notes on what they see the speakers do - and on what they don’t see the speakers’ do.

  • Activity II (about two hours) - Speech Writing preparation:

Two speeches will be shown, one from each point of view of an issue. Delegates are expected to take notes on what they hear the speakers’ say, on the way each of them presents their point of view. The points of view being expressed will need to be specified in the delegates’ notes.

  • Dinner
  • Eve

This part of camp is supposed to be about fun, but also about expression. Sketches are an excellent way for delegates to get used to Role Play and Public Speaking, and they are fun. They allow delegates to criticize politely. Additionally, delegates will do the Stress Exercise of the MUN program and watch a movie about Racism.

  • Sleep

In MUNOCC camps, there will be an open policy about sleeping. Boys will sleep in one classroom, girls in another, of course, but the open policy is about the time of sleep - nobody is forced to sleep at any time, as long as they do not influence anybody trying to sleep and as long as they are not late at waking up.

Generic plan for day 2: Education

  • Upon wake, breakfast
  • Preparation for Speaking (about five hours)

Delegates will have their laptops and will do research (the school will allow the delegates the use of the computer lab of the Terminales). They will prepare some speeches. They will also prepare for the Conference of the afternoon.

  • Lunch
  • Activity III (about two hours) - Public Speaking session:

Delegates will discuss Public Speaking based on the notes they took on day 1. Each delegate is discussed and has an auto-evaluation about his public speaking. Then each speaks and is filmed.

  • Activity IV (about two hours) - Speech Writing session:

Delegates will discuss their notes on the speeches of day 1. They focus on the do’s and don't’s of Speech Writing, then discuss diplomatic solutions and strategies of conviction.

  • Activity V (up to one hour) - Slight Cultural Differences Can Be Fun:

As most of the delegates are in movements, they will each prepare a game they are used to play in their respective movement and teach it to the club, which will then play it. The objectives of this activity include learning acceptance of different habits, group-work, and fun.

  • Activity VI (about two to three hours) - MUN Conference:

Model United Nations session. Delegates will have to be official about it and their research will have to have been thorough. They will make use of their newly acquired Public Speaking and Speech Writing skills to try to find a solution to an issue - exactly like in the LAU MUN program.

  • Dinner
  • Eve

This eve will have sketches themed around Culture. Delegates will each be expected to be part of at least one sketch. They will watch another movie about Racism.

  • Sleep

Generic plan for day 3: Conclusion

  • Upon wake, breakfast
  • Activity VII (about two hours) - Synthesis of Public Speaking:

Each delegate is discussed. His before-after videos are shown, and remarks are given as to the areas that were improved and the ones which still need to be improved. Eventually delegates may wish to come up and speak again. With the closure of camp, all delegates must have become - in the least - decent public speakers.

  • Activity VIII (about three hours) - MUN Conference:

The conference of day 2 will have been interrupted. It will be resumed until closure then and there.

  • Evaluation of Camp
  • Cleaning of site
  • Closure of Camp and departure

How camp happened (as recounted by the delegates)

Delegates' opinions and personal points of view expressed below.

George Sacre

by George Sacre 06:24, 4 March 2012 (EST)
The camp was, overall, a success. Although in some parts the original plan was not textually realized, the outcome of the camp is positive.


The delegates came in late on the first day.
In what concerns Speech Writing, the delegates did not really leave it any time.
Had Carla Gharzouzi not come to help out as a chair, the Simulation of the first day would have been a fiasco.
The internet connection in the TICE room was not decent enough for research.


I felt that nobody got bored.
I saw real on-the-ground improvements in the Public Speaking of several delegates, especially Ralph and Hanadie.
The food was satisfactory, the backups were adequate.
We did not go over-budget, even though not all delegates who had promised to come did.