Nightwish v/s Tarja Turuunen

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Setting of the session

The MUNOCC delegates are divided into two groups, one representing the fans of a symphonic metal band and one representing the fans of its ex-vocalist. The setting of the debate is that the band fired her and their fans separated into those who support her and those who support them. Each of the two divisions recieves an assignment dossier with a press clipping, the open letter they fired her with, the open letter she replied to them with, and the lyrics of each a song adressed by the other party to attack them.

How the session takes place

The session begins with each party recieving their dossier and with the viewing of two music videos: "Bye Bye Beautiful" by Nightwish, and "I Walk Alone" by Tarja Turunen. Then each party goes to a separate room and discusses points of view, reading their dossier. Each member can be put in charge of analyzing a specific section of the dossier. Then both parties meet and debate, trying to convert the other party's members and convince them to join their ranks.

Assignment dossiers

Here are the two assignment dossiers in PDF format:

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