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Kostavlewan culture
Basic Information
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Team members
  • Celine Hage
  • Elsa Waked
  • Joanna Abi Karam
  • Tatiana Lebbos
  • Nour Khnaisser
  • Paul Chawah
  • Emile Naous
  • Charbel Sakr
  • Lili Habib
  • Stephanie Ferzli
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Members of the Kostavlewan culture

  • Celine Hage
  • Elsa Waked
  • Joanna Abi Karam
  • Tatiana Lebbos
  • Nour Khnaisser
  • Paul Chawah
  • Emile Naous
  • Charbel Sakr
  • Lili Habib
  • Stephanie Ferzli


"BY Nour Khnaisser 10:40, 6 November 2012

Kotsa: Vision, Vlew: Look.

Vlewin's have their own vision, and nothing is unclear for them in their future.


The Kostavlewan culture is well known for the splash of bright colors it contains, especially the purple and orange since the sky's color id purple and sun's is orange.

In the logo, we picked the purple to represent the sky, also known as the infinite horizon of love.

The orange quarter of a sphere represents the light that really is a symbol realting to Kostavlewa since the sun never does down there. The sun here means that the civilization is a really bright and sharp culture that enlightens everything. (see Kostavlewa's Logo here)


The purple in the flag represents the sky which means, as we said before, that it's a synonym of the infinite horizon of love.

The orange shade here represents the forever present sun ofcourse and it gives the sense that it is an infinite horizon of brightness and acknowledgements.

Kostavlewa is a very colorful place and as we all know, the communion of all colors gives black. That is the main reason why we used, and in a most part, the black. The colors are usually a symbol of joy and happiness so we subsided the black color's significance that is usually pejorative with a proof that even in the black, we can find joy and happiness. And this is a proverb very often used by the Vlewins to push themselves to conquer every problem that comes their way.

And in the end, we topped all the background colors with a white circle, the circle as in the circle of life and the white because it;s a symbol of purity and innocence. (see Kostavlewa's Flag here)

"By Joanna Abi Karam 7:15, 06 November 2012

Periods and years

In Kostavlewa, the date is counted in a totally other way than on Earth, which is the following:

There are periods, and in every period there is a total amount of six years to fill as in the capacity of one period is six years, no more, no less. example: Period 1.2 (as in period 1 year 2)

The date in Kostavlewa today is Period 23.2

"By Elsa Waked 7:45, 26 Octobre 2012


Vlewins are people with variations in the body parts, inside and out. When you look at them from the outside, they seem approximately as normal as a human but there are some charasteristics that differ between the two races; they are the following:

.Vlewins are born with either a scar or a work of skin (here, means that they have on their, let's say, shoulder, a bulkier piece of skin) that determines the career that this specific vlewin will pursue. (example: a deputy is born with a bulkier piece of skin on his head looking like a hat- determines that he is going to be a deputy- and on this bulkier skin is present a scar in the shape of a number between 1 and 6- this determines what kind of deputy he is going to be like security deputy or etc...)

.Vlewins don't have a heart, or shall I say, don't need a heart, since the pump of the blood isn't needed when the blood itself can circulate with no help from another body organ. Actually, the blood circulates because there's a gravity force attracting this red substance to the bottom of the vlewin's feet where it meets another force called interaction which takes the blood up again.So the pump called heart isn't needed and especially because the vlewin's lungs also have the role of blood purifier.

.Since Vlewins are very athletic and are always hyperd up, the strongest organs in their body are their legs therefore giving them a power like no other. No Vlewin ever gets tired unless of course it becomes an extreme case of abuse of the physical gift they have as in not resting for a month or so. It can lead to a weakening in the legs abandoning the boost he used to live by the code of to have normal, down to Vlew legs.

.The brain of a Vlewin is an undiscovered full capacity subject since any normal Vlewin only uses up to 12% of their intellectual capacities leaving the 88% of genius remaining silent in the back of their head. The Vlewin brain is a never ending era of research and discoveries. The Vlewin who's known to have used the highest percentage of intellectual stamina is the mighty Kostein.

"By Lili Habib and Joanna Abi Karam 8:16, 1 November 2012


Kostavlewa is an extremely colorful place full of light and bright ambiances that are translated to us by landscapes, each better looking than the other. Colors are dominant and they are the true basics of the planet Rafa Rafa since the ground of this planet is as colorful as can be File:Planet 001.jpg. But that, of course, is only present when JellyBaba is satisfied thus in a good mood File:Jellybaba 001 File:Jellybaba happy 001. But when he's not, well let's just say that the bright and lighted colors turn into dark shades of blackness and nothingness that translate the misery and sorrow flowing through the Vlewins' veins in these hardships File:Jellybaba angry 002. But since the people of Kostavlewa fear the anger of their nature protector, they do everything in their power to please him therefore reducing the dark times to a minimum, making Kostavlewa an incredible placement for a happy happy population.

By Charbel Sakr 9:01, 26 Octobre 2012


"By Elsa Waked 7:45, 26 Octobre 2012

Salutations are very simple in Kostavlewa.

- Vouwlo means Hello --> /ϗ/-Ƿ

- Tché means Bye --> /↙/ =


1- International Mudday:

The international mudday is the most important tradition in Kostavlewa. On that day of the year, the international mudday song comes up suddenly at 12pm and the sea turns into mud. Everyone gather around MudGod who makes an appearance from the mudsea. The vlewins jump in the mudsea, hold hands and dance around the MudGod while doing the Voukomuvo "Vouwlo-Kosta-MudGod-Vouwlo". At the end of the song, the vlewins covered in mud are rejected from the mudsea by Mudgod who disappears. The mudsea becomes dry till the rest of the day. At 9pm, the vlewins are reunited in the dry mudsea to celebrate a unique festival in the honor of their God who bothered to visit them on this day and give them his blessing.

2- Marriage:

Every single vlewin has a soulmate in Kostavlewa. They are recognized by the same symbol on their neck. These two are destiny and meant to be, and a vlewin is strictly forbidden to marry any vlewin other than his one and only soulmate.

Sexual Life:

Only every sixth of the month, vlewins are allowed to have a sexual relationship. If any couple does it any other day, they would have to sacrifice their minivlew wich is the new baby who is brought to this world 24 hours after the intercourse, to the MudGod.

1- Traditions for the celebration of the 6 Gods' religion:

Everyday is a celebration for these people because they believe that their relationship with their Gods that leads them to the perfect harmony with the One True God is the only thing worth celebrating. Anything else does not matter to them at all.


Kostavlewa is a very rich culture referring to not only it's history, environment, etc... but also to it's religion and beliefs since the population is not in agreement when it comes to religion. In Kostavlewa takes place two totally different beliefs, one that is monotheist and the other polytheist.

The Six Gods' Religion

In the beginning, there was only one. Only one abstract God ruled Rafa Rafa. That God was called Astratous. He was watching over the planet from his throne on the sun which made it impossible for anyone to come to him since the sun would turn the adventurous fool into a nothingness of ashes.

Astratous tried communicating with the people but they weren't open to him and they thought that he was just another ghost. You know how living beings can be, doubtful and weak. So, Astratous couldn't find a direct way for him to make them feel him with them. He had to think of a better plan, a plan that would allow Vlewins to see concretely in front of them God's image.

Finally, he found a way. He found a mean to open the people's eyes to what really mattered. He decided to send on Kostavlewa 6 souls that would find their way onto dead bodies and activate them, controle them again. And that's what happened. 6 people were created that day. They looked completely like Vlewins but talked and walked and did everything differently. It was settled. These six people would live a never ending life because they were no longer ordinary Vlewins, they became Gods, or shall we say, a concretisation of the image and will of The One True God.

Each of these six God-sent helpers is the leader of a Horoscope and is in charge of the overall knowledge and the approaching to their God Almighty by the people.

The Gods' names are:







On the opposite to what people might believe or flash-imagine in their minds when hearing the word "God", these helpers are NOT muscled, rugged and tall in any mean, but they are chubby, short and non-athletic(which really is a sign that they are gods since no Vlewin, ever, in the history of Kostavlewa, was in any sort lazy or non-athletic).

it is forbidden that any Vlewin does any painting about any God because they say that their bodies are just utensils to communicate their knowledge in an easier way.

They are the dominant religion since 63% of the population believes in it.

The MudGod's Religion:

It is believed that the soil alone brings life to the plants and makes everything in Kostavlewa splendid. So, the dirt is sacred.

It is also believed that water brings life to the Vlewins, especially that without water, the Vlewins die. So, the water is sacred too.

In deduction, the mix of the soil and the water- that we call MUD- is believed to be The One and Only God since it is the source of survival of everything.

37% of the population in Kostavlewa are believers of this religion which makes them the minority.

Every year, the believers in The MugGod unite so just in time to see the ceremonials of their God and to see him rise from the Mud taking a Vlewin shape and being conrete. A festival is organised in his honor and the festivities last for a whole day fully scheduled. (See the traditions for more info on the ceremony). It is called the international Mudday.

by Joanna Abi Karam 10:45, 20 October 2012


This Charter is the book of rules and regulations of Kostavlewa. Anyone who defies it faces many severe consequences.

. Each Kostasident should be changed every 6 years.

. Vlewins should be really nice and caring towards their Kostabrews because if they don't, their pets will treat them badly and they will be very mean to them.

. Each week, a Vlewin is responsable of taking care of JellyBaba, as in do the impossible to please him and keep him satisfied.

. Vlewins love nature and the environment and therefore they do NOT under any circumstance do any anything to pollute it and turn it into something ugly.

. If any Vlewin takes anything from nature without asking the permission from jellyBaba he will face punishments.

. Vlewins are very peaceful therefore no wars area allowed.

By: Lili Habib

TV Channel

Like every culture, Kostavlewa has a TV Channel that appears on the Kosta-TV and on this channel, everything is posted or shall we say everything is delivered. We can find programs in it such as a News program, a Games program, a Music program, and a lot more.

There's only one Channel on this The Kosta-TV indeed, but that channel really just sums everything up and presents everything any Vlewin might be interested in. Would it be for fun or for culture objectives, that channel is the reference for you!

By: Elsa Waked


by Tatiana Lebbos 8:41, 24 Obtober 2012

Vlewins are really energetic creatures they like to have fun together and to be united when it comes to play the "Kostagames".

"Jelly Bomb" one of the games consists to pass the jelly dynamite from a vlewin to another before it explodes.

"Jelly Propulsion" consists to throw the " White Jelly Magical Ball " that will splash into colors depending on your strength and the power of propulsion Red:Extremely strong shot Yellow:Strong shot Green:Medium shot Blue:Weak shot Purple:Looser shot


Kostavlewa's environment is mostly based on jelly. Trees ,flowers and houses are just made out of jelly. It's a colorful,joyful and very fruitful nature. "JellyBaba" is the source and essence of the environment , he maintains its balance and keeps everything fresh and healthy.When this big creature made out of jelly is happy everything goes right in Kostavlewa, trees are extremely fruitful and nature is just a blast of vivid colors. When he is not flowers die , Vlewins are out of food and colors fade.

In addition to that , Kostavlewa has a kind of "oasis" made out of icecream, chocolate and marshmallowas which are the main ingredients of dessert . Caves of icecream that never melts , chocolate lakes and jelly trees with marshmallows as fruits are just the source of sweets for Vlewins.

Moreover,each and every single vlewin is followed by his personal magic creature the 'Kostabrew' that represents him in a way . It's jelly, really friendly and completes him.It follows him everywhere and has a pretty similar caracter to his.

by Tatiana Lebbos 8:48, 24 October 2012


"By Celine Hage 7:45, 26 October 2012

Your Own Vlewin Bulb Every Vlewin has his own lamp that shines Kostavlewa. If it's on the right side, you can directly know he's a man; on the contrary, the left is for woman, since it qualifies her. When this bulb is yellow, this means the Vlewin is single, searching for someone to be with. And if it's purple, he/she 's definitely in love because this color reflects the sky which means eternity, forever love.

Your Own Toilet Paper Kostavlewa's jewelry are based on toilet paper. Women wear earrings made of toilet paper, and designed each one by a Vlewin. Well, this is what symbolize your 'Never Ending Circle'. Men won't show it, they prefer not expressing their own living.


"By Celine Hage 8:50, 26 October 2012

A horoscope is a chart representing the positions of the Sun, Moon, Planets and the Astrological aspects at the time of an event, the moment of a Vlewin's birth. It predicts your future, 'Jelly-ish' love life, and more. As it's already said, Kostavlewa has its own SIX GODS. Each and everyone represent ONE period, ONE horoscope.

1st Horoscope based on Bamundatriga' God (1st period) Love Life After the recent frictions altogether, you will manage to restore a harmonious relationship with a Vlewin, your partner in mastering your instinctive side. Always prefer the dialogue. Work Life You will face a competition, a daily struggle to preserve your place in the Sun. Whatever your plans and goals, do not rely on luck to bring them to a successful conclusion, but the courage and hard work.

2nd Horoscope based on Kostabrouwa' God (2nd period) Love Life Love will be a solution to console you for all your trouble. If you are still single person, a Vlewin will be randomly meeting you. As for couples, your relationship will be much stronger. Good luck. Work Life You will have great freedom of action in your work and take important decisions for the future of your business or those of the company that employs you.

3rd Horoscope based on Kokh' God (3rd period) Love Life The most romantic Vlewin. You have your own ideas and you don't like comments by others. You'll face lots of problems, but your love relationship will help a lot. Work Life You're new, a perfect offer is given but you won't accept it. So by a sentence 'everything is changing but you can't fit yourself anywhere'. Later probably, your love life will help you.

4th Horoscope based on Crankoonz' God (4th period) Love Life You're Vlewin is always on your mind and you miss him/her every day more and more. A new step will be taken towards him/her. Hope for the best. Work Life Nothing's new in your life. At work, you have a perfect job and that's all what you need. Not more, not less.

5th Horoscope based on Suspo' God (5th period) Love Life Love Life? It should be erased. It's your 'hate life' maybe. You can't find your perfect Vlewin and you give up but always remember 'You should never give up on what you want'. Work Life It is simply in one word 'perfect'. A Vlewin will try to cut your road but you know it already and you'll face him/her by winning like a boss.

6th Horoscope based on Galamoon' God (6th period) Love Life A Vlewin Girl is perfectly lucky belonging to this God. Everything is magic, passionate for her. But for a Vlewin Guy, it's catastrophic. It is really bad. Work Life Meeting new Vlewins in your life isn't bad especially when you're in Work Life. Team workers are here. Not matter what happens, they are yours and only yours helping you facing problems.


Kotavlewa is a very rich culture that includes many, many laws, logics, sciences, etc... Naturally, a sociology is found to study, or analyze the social classes and the understandings of the Vlewins' society. Let's take for example some facts about the ruler of Kostavlewa, also known as the Kostasident. .The Kostasident is the head of the empire. Everything, starting with the people's needs and ambitions to the detail of their everyday life, is not only recognized by him, but also studied and encouraged. .The Kostasident, when born, is discovered to have on his forehead a scar in the shape of a crown that portrays his future as the up and coming Kostasident of Kostavlewa. .The Kostasident has on his side six deputies to second him and clarify both the people's and the Kostasident's point of view and help find a solution for every matter that would be approved by both parts of the negociation. .Each Kostasident rules Kostavlewa for a period of six years. .Every three years, there's a newborn yet-to-be Kostasident. .The oldest yet-to-be Kostasident in line for the thrown is elected the direct heir to the now ruling Kostasident.

"By Lili Habib 8:57, 26 October 2012


"By Nour Khnaisser 9:08, 26 October 2012

Kostavlewan's music is made out of sounds and beats on the percussion, garbage, cans etc. They use everything that comes in front of their eye. That style of music was created in Period -4.6 by kostacholas and kostasswell. They named it "STOMP". It's their anthem music.

Stomp is made out of a group of people who work together, to create something complex, out of usual and simple materials.

-On the mudday, Vlewins uses a different style of music, it's made out of a pure piano melody.

-Kostavlewa's traditional dance is based on a very happy and cheerful melody and the steps of the dance are just as fun and full of joy.


"By Nour Khnaisser 9:09, 26 October 2012

kostavlewa is a very bright culture known for it's rich and wide history, it wasn't always the place it is today, the story goes back. the creation: Rafa rafa was an other planet formed by the great big bang in the galaxy. Though it was never discovered in the early years it was indead always there.

with the creation of rafa rafa, a creature came to be. It wasn't an ordinary life, it was a sacred one who later became refered to as 'jellyBaba'. That so called being was made to set balance between the nature's offering and it's consumption.

JellyBaba was pleased with the work he's done on the planet. He has made a wonderfull nature that he was proud of. But as time passed he realised that all this greatness he's created was being wasted because of the lack of consumption, so, after days and days of planning he decided to create a new living jelly that will evoluate to become a real person with skin and bones. In parallel he created a tree that produces vitamine fruits, we state: kostacium the fruit of calcium for the bones, and the kostaB3 that containes vitamin B3 for the skin and the neurones. Once the bones appeared, the jelly pealed and it becamed a quite ordinary person.

The JellyBaba first created a male and a female. The male 'Alamoon' was the governer of Kostavlewa. They gave birth to ninelets (nine kids), five males and four females. After the death of Alamoon, his older son 'Balamoon' took the reign. Generations has passed and it was the turn of 'Bamundatriga' the heir to reign, but his 5 brothers wouldn't let their older brother to reign. After a war, Kostavlewa was divided into six parts(state), each one of them took one. Bamundatriga, Kostabrouwa, Kokh', Crankoonz, Suspo and Galamoon were governers on one of the states.

During their reign, plenty of wars happened, we state:

-the Kostavlewa war 1, between all of the governers; Bamundatriga won. Period -7.2

-the war of Taraka (an important city) between Kokh' and Suspo's states; Kokh' won. Period -6.1

-the war of Vlews (money) between Kostabrouwa and Crankoon's state; Crankoon won. P-5.4

They all died during a war but they still are present until this very day so it is beleived that they are God.

Important facts:

-the creation of stomp in P-4.6 by Kostacholas and Kostasswell

-the creation of the piano in P-3.4 by Kostard

-the discovery of the blood cycle in P-2.3 by Kostein

-the creation of the periodic table in P-1.2 by Kostaleive


- The Vlewton : It flies and you can go wherever you want. You stand on it, it has room for only 2 people, and it works only when you put your finger on the finger recognizer scanner.

- The Suspaganda: It’s a huge delivery vlewton controlled by the 6th member of the vlewins’s commitee. Every vlewin has a touch control device with three buttons: the 1st is for research and the suspaganda will drop the information you need, th 2nd is for ordering food and the 3rd one is for shopping. Press the button then type your request; your order will take less than 10 seconds and you pay for it directly.

- The Kosta-TV: It follows you anywhere no matter how big it is, it will fly. And in every kosta-tv there is a go-through feature , if you’re playing a video game , you can join as the character of your choice , you’ll have his skills and looks , you will get tired but won’t feel any pain no matter what. "By Paul Chawah 8:50, 26 October 2012


As all creatures alive in the universe, Vlewins also tend to catch a disease like the Kostaflew, the Vlewache, etc... But what makes them so different from the rest, is how they can remedy their diseases, which is, in the most awkward and original way yet. Below are some examples of their routine to cure from diseases: .People who believe in the MudGod religion use mud to cover their bodies intirely with it while having their family and friends holding hands forming a circle and chanting together the healing anthem which is the following: "Kosta Kosta Oh Oh Kosta Kosta Hou La La La Kosta Kosta cure cure Kosta Kosta God!" and it goes on and on until an ugly smell fulfills the place. .On the other hand, people who believe in The SIx God's religion use their mental powers to heal from their diseases as in they just think themselves out of this bad situation and... here they go. Problem solved.

"By Joanna Abi Karam 8:30, 1 November 2012


Like in every culture, in Kostavlewa there's a school that provides the proper education to the baby Vlewins seeking to be responsable adults later on. The school isn't something really fancy, it's just the basics educative programs and there are teachers taking care that every single information won't miss out on the Vlewents (students).

By CharbelSakr 10:53, 06 November 2012


"By Paul Chawah 7:49, 28 October 2012

The Kostasident and his committee of six deputies are the biggest power in Kostavlewa. The Kostasident, when born, is discovered to have on his forehead a scar in the shape of a crown.The Kostasident has on his side six deputies to second him and clarify both the people's and the Kostasident's point of view and help find a solution for every matter that would be approved by both parts of the negociation. Each Kostasident rules Kostavlewa for a period of six years. The deputies of the committe are elected every three years by the vlewins unless one of them did something wrong or bad for Kostavlewa.

The kostazident is the representative of the vlewins and the committee, assignes their duties and checks if they are doing everything right.

Each member of the committee has a fonction:

1- the deputy of finance: he takes care of the economical transfers and bills of the vlewins, decides the value of the 'vlews' which is the official money used in kostavlewa and the prices.

2- the deputy of relations: he takes care about the relations of vlewins between each others, their mutual respect for the opinions and beliefs of each vlewins and the charter of rules and regulations, and advises them in their educational and medical life.

3- the deputy of security: he takes care of the security of the vlewins and punishes the bad people.

4- the deputy of the box of opinions: the box of opinions is a box where each vlewin has the right to put his opinion to change something and they are studied by this deputy and if an opinion has a big number of vote, it will be realised by the kostazident.

5- the deputy of the box of complaints: the box of complaints is a box where each vlewin puts what is bothering or bad in kostavlewa and it could be about something or someone. each complaint will be fixed by this deputy with the help of the deputy of relations, and measures will be taken by the deputy of security with the approval of the kostazident.

6- the manager of the suspaganda: the suspaganda is a huge delivery vlewton. The deputy is responsible of its programmation and ability and will fix it in case something went wrong.


The Vlewins only eat 2 dishes : one salted, the other sugared, all based on plants because there are no animals in Kostavlewa, they don't even know what animals are. - The salted dish : It is formed by a mix of different kinds of potatoes, covered with spices that they collect from trees' trunks. - The sugared dish : In Kostavlewa, we find jelly and marshmallow trees, and small lacs of chocolate or strawberry syrups, and some caves formed with ice cream that never melt. This dish is based on a specific form of jelly, covered with marshmallows and chocolate and strawberry syrups, and may or may not be covered with ice cream bowls brought back from an adventure inside the ice cream caves. "By Stephanie Ferzli 2:00, 1 November 2012


"By Emile Naous 8:52, 26 October 2012

The Kostavlewy is an easy language with its 12 letters, but it has a very different concept than all the languages on Earth.

The creator of this language was a mathematician called Kostein, in Period-2.3. So that is the reason why the language is based on addition and subtraction.

The pronunciation of the Kostavlewy letters is a mixture between French and English pronunciation and there is a letter that is pronounced in Arabic or German.


There are 12 letters, that are pronounced : ka(pronounced in french), bag(pronounced in french), regg(pronounced in frensh or english), tché(pronounced in french), xpi(pronounced in french), khti(pronouced in frensh with the"خ"), ross(pronounced in english), wlo(pronounced in english), dupp(pronounced in english), yuff(pronounced in english), vou(pronounced in french), toi(pronounced in french). So we can see that letters in Kostavlewy = syllables in English.

Each of these letters has its own symbol that represent its phonetic. These symbols are keys for starting a sentence, THEY ARE NOT LETTERS. They are always put between 2 //, and have a rank that should be respected : (from down to up)

12- /ȣ/ (toi)

11- /ϗ/ (vou)

10- /Ͼ/ (duff)

9- /Ͽ/ (yupp)

8- /Ѧ/ (wlo)

7- /Ѫ/ (ross)

6- /ѱ/ (khti)

5- /Ѱ/ (xpi)

4- /↙/ (tché)

3- /↘/ (reg)

2- /○/ (bag)

1- /●/ (ka)

(see FIG.1, The Official Kosatvlewy Ladder)


(see FIG.2, the numbers in Kostavlewy)

The numbers from 0 to 6 in Kostavlewy are like the ones from 0 to 9 in English. The numbers starting from 7 in the Kostavlewy, are composed by two numbers from 0 to 6. 7 in Kostavlewy, is written like the 10 in English (10= 1 and 0)


1- The sentence starts with a key (a letter's symbol, see up)

example: /●/

2- After this key, comes an addition or subtraction.

example: /●/ +\ (and this means (ka) +1 so it's the (bag) (look to the order above.) The first letter in the sentence is "bag".

3- And with this concept, words, sentences, paragraphs, texts ... are formed. After each sentence, there is the key of the last letter in this sentence, the key the next sentence will start with. In this way, if someone, while reading, makes a mistake, he/she can know that it is wrong.

PS: the "=" means "like the letter before"

example: /●/ =+\ is " kabag".


In Kostavlewy, there is no tonality while reading a sentence. Sensations are shown in the punctuation point that is read.

"?" is read : "aa?"(in English, with the tonality)

"!" is read : "wooaaa!!!"(in English, with the tonality)


You may find a country name, or a meal name in Kostavlewy that do not contain a letter from the 12.

example: Kostavlewa, Rafa Rafa...

There are many exceptions in Kostavlewy. And they are divided into many sections, for example we can find the NATIONAL EXCEPTIONS, THE GASTRONOMIC EXCEPTION....


this is an extract from one of the Religious books of the Vlewins, that speaks about the Mudday

" /●/ +\+ҩ -Ƿ+ҩ =+\ -ҩ=+Ԅ. /Ͽ/ +Ƿ-\‡ =+\-ҩ +₪+Ʌ =-Ƿ. /Ѫ/ +\+ҩ -Ʌ-Ԅ -Ƿ-\+Ʌ +\‡ =-Ƿ+\. / Ѧ / +\-ҩ -Ʌ+Ԅ -Ƿ-\-Ʌ +ҩ-ҩ= +Ԅ =+\ҩ. /↙/ +₪+Ʌ =-₪. /ѱ/ +\+ҩ -\-ҩ-Ʌ +Ԅ= +Ƿ-\‡ =-Ƿ. /○/ +Ƿ+ ҩ -Ʌ+Ԅ. /ȣ/ -\-\-\ =-Ԅ. /↙/ -\ -Ʌ +Ƿ -\-\ +Ԅ-Ƿ-\ +ҩ=+Ʌ. /Ͽ/ =-₪ +₪+Ʌ =-Ƿ-\. /Ѫ/ +\-ҩ +Ƿ-\-ҩ. /○/ +\+ҩ -Ƿ+ҩ =+\ -ҩ=+Ԅ. /Ͼ/ +\-ҩ -\-ҩ+Ʌ +Ƿ+Ԅ-\‡. /Ѱ/ " [...]

(see FIG.3, it is much clearer)

Written with the Latin alphabet:

Bagkhti regross rosswlo tchétchédupp. Toixpi xpikhtibag wloyuff yuffross. Wlotoi yuffxpi bagkareg yuff yuffrosswlo . Duppxpi regwlo xpitchébag khtibagbag ross rosswlotché . Yufftoi toikhti . Rossvou yuffkhtitché duppdupp toixpi xpibag. Xpidupp rosstoi. Vouyuffdupp dupptché. Reg katché regbag rosstchéreg rossrossdupp. Duppreg duppvou vouwloross. Wlotché rosskhtibag. Regross tchéwlo wlodupp xpixpiyuff. Vouross khtibagtché rosstoixpi. [...]


" In this day, everything is special. The nature changes, the colors of Rafa Rafa become more "colorful". Vlewins change, they loose all the sins they had the habit to do. We are all waiting for GOD, who will go out of the mud. And when the clock strikes six, a huge shape comes out of the mud puddle in "Kostoo" temple. Every Vlewin, present in this event, kneel and start praising God that came for him, in a way [...]"



"By Emile Naous 8:52, 26 October 2012

The physics, the Kostavlewans' most loved science, is a daily-life utility. It can be found in all the subjects, in the other sciences...It has a logical reasoning that is used everywhere by the people there. It is a very large science. Compared to the one of the Earth, the kostavlewan physics is much bigger, there is much more discoveries (very bizarre usally)

There is four kinds of charges: The POSITIVE and NEGATIVE charges (that are the same on the Earth) and the TIMETIVE and DIVIDIVITIVE.

On Rafa Rafa, there is no generators or batteries. There is places or things from which electricity can be removed. For example, the positive charge can be taken from the ground, the negative from the sky, the timetive from the people under stress(these people can die electrocuted) and the dividivitive from the mud (this is why it is considered as a holy charge).


"By Emile Naous 8:52, 26 October 2012

Like the earth, Rafa Rafa contains atoms, molecules, moles... So they have a periodic table, but that is actually very different than the humens'.

They believe that every non living thing on the planet is constituted by a huge number of atoms, but the sky... For them, the sky, on its own, is a huge atom. Their sun is the nucleus, that contains the protons which give the light to the sun, and their planet Rafa Rafa is an electron that turns around the very special nucleus.

Study of the Periodic Table:

(see FIG.4, The Periodic Table)

The Kostavlewan Periodic Table of Rafa Rafa has a circular shape, it is formed by 5 circles, that represent the energy levels (they have discovered only five, till now).

Each box, in which we find the name of the element, is put on the circle that represent the energy level this element has.

The grey boxes contain gas. The yellow ones contain liquids, and the others solids.

The elements on the fist circle, are explosive.

The boxes in red, are between two energy levels, they are not on one. They are very rare.


"By Emile Naous 8:52, 26 October 2012

The body of the Vlewins is not very different than the humans'. They have blood, veins, a brain... But the main difference is that they don't believe in the heart. They think that the blood circulates without the pump that the heart is. They say that it goes down because of the weight, and back up because of an interaction force. Physics are very related to biology in Kosatvlewa.

It is important too to mention that their plants can live only with the soil, no need for water nor light.