Kætëghum culture

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Kætëghum culture
Basic Information
Culture Name




Team color


Team leader

Gayel Abou Imad

Team members
  • Sabine Kojaian
  • Maria Debs
  • Gaelle Abi Ghanem
  • Gayel Abou Imad
  • Karine Abdelnour
  • Lynn Tahtouh
  • Aya Merhej
  • Maria Bitar
Forms of expression


Musical genre Darkuka Musika
Habits and beliefs

Cucurbata And Pizda Tsiganoula



Technology Kætëghumogy
CC Cultures

Members of the Kætëghum culture

  • Sabine Kojaian
  • Maria Debs
  • Gaelle Abi Ghanem
  • Gayel Abou Imad
  • Karine Abdelnour
  • Lynn Tahtouh
  • Aya Merhej
  • Maria Bitar

Name of culture and ethymology

The name of the culture is Kætëghum, it refers to the relations with the american people. Its a planete where Kætëghumians live and have direct contact with terrestrial.


By Maria Debs

- Every year the gogghum prepare a celebration for their three gods, in a way to say thank you for everything. It's very important to them. They celebrate it by making a ceremony in a forest so they can scream and pray freely. - And also the mocphum makes a ceremony by bringing to their gods many dead animals because they think this is the only way the god will accept their prayer ... they kill the animals and then they eat them. -Kaeteghum is divided in two small regions. The first region is called Gogphum that's where gog's followers live. The other region is called Mocphum and that's where the Moc's followers live. The people of these two different religions should stay in there own region because every person that breaks this principal rule will be murdered. -Each religion should respect the nature.it shall stay clean and green.

Kætëghumian (The Language)

By Gayel Abou Imad and Karine Abdelnour

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By Gayel Abou Imad and Karine Abdelnour

One of the most famous Kætëghumian's tradition dances is the 'Darkuka Musika' which is known by all Kætëghumians. Actually the base of this song are special percussions like the "darkuka", the most important one, the "dingo" and the "snartus" and the melody is almost all made by the aoutha, which sounds like a guitar.

Fathatris (Religion)

By Aya Merhej

The origin of the crown gods

The sages tell this story everyday in honor of the creators. The God Father's origin, Father of all Gods, is not known, but what is known is the origin of the Gods present now. The God Father one day decided that his reign had to come to an end as he was sure that his time has come and the crown should be passed on to his sons. but the God father had 2 sons and could not decide who to give it to as they were twins and so he devised the crown's power into 2. And thus were born 2 Gods : The God of Good and The MadGod of cruelty. Each had 3 lesser gods, born before the crown god sons, to serve and help them in their reign. The 2 sons always fought. The God of good had : God of war - goddess of love and goddess of nature, and the madGod of cruelty had : goddess of theft - god of destruction and chaos and god of torture. The God of good ( GoG ) and the MadGod of cruelty ( MoC ) never won against the other and so balance was achieved.

"Akaviros" God of war

Akaviros was said to be born from the most intense of battles, the battle between the God of good and the madGod of cruelty. He favors those who have earned the true title of " Warrior ", the ones who earned might and glory in battles, the one who showed no fear in the face of the enemy and the ones who showed true courage. The old wise warriors say that whenever there's a battle going on, Akaviros watches and picks who have truly honored his name. If one was chosen, then one has earned the right to dine with the God himself in Nelia provided he earned enough favors from other gods of course.

"Amora" Goddess of love

Amora was born from the love that the God father had for the Kætëghumians. She only has one condition to give her favor, but not an easy one : To sacrifice yourself for the one you love when the time comes.

"Flora" Goddess of Nature

Flora was born from the four essential elements of life, those being fire-water-air-earth, thus making Flora essential to life itself. Her duty as keeper of the nature is to ensure that balance is preserved between the elements and Kætëghumians. She favors anyone who keeps nature intact, respects it fully, and actually sacrifices ( from his own time and being ) to nature. Flora is a peacekeeper and abhors anyone who tries to destroy, hurt or kill a human for pleasure and none sense. She also loathes those who abuse nature for their own advantages, what ever the cause is.

"Nocturnal" Goddess of Theft

Nocturnal, daughter of the shadows and master of thievery, she honors those who honor themselves by stealing and not getting caught. It is said that when you hear crows, Nocturnal is watching, judging from the darkness, waiting for new champions to arise and honor her name. It is said that who earned Nocturnal's approval, gain her blessing, making the shadow seekers, attracted by the shadows shrouding them from detection. Nocturnal, mother of all thieves, is and forever will be, the goddess of thievery.

"Xarxas" God of destruction and chaos

A pure anarchist. Xarxas is a necromancer God, seeking to destroy everything may it be good or evil. He favors chaos over anything, no rules what so ever, corruption is a plus. His champions usually tend to erodicate every sense of ruling and law abindement.

"Demantius" God of Torture

Demantius was born from the screams of the tortured in the first few years of life. He harnesses the souls of the tortured and becomes stronger every time. It is said in old books that pain felt by the tortured calls Demantius to come. Demantius will only give his favor to a Kætëghumian if that person takes someone he loves dearly and tortures them to death at Demantius's Altar.


You arrive to the home of the 2 gates where you will be judged. If you earned 4 favors from the gods, you enter Nelia. If not, you spend the rest of eternity in Morphus.

  • Nelia  : A place of eternal relaxation and harmony, Nelia was created by the God Father for those who have earned it.
  • Morphus : In contrast to Nelia, Morphus was created for those who didn't earn enough favors through out their live, thus making them obliged to serve an eternity of work and slavery.
  • For those who never got the chance to earn enough favors because of early death, they will be resurrected as another random person, thus giving them a 2nd chance for them to earn their required favors.

Kætëghumogy (Tecnology)

By Lynn Tahtouh

in Kætëghumog we are facing many problems such as water,air ,and the richness of the sol.

-water : the human body is made of 80% of water. So the scientist decided to take a molecul of water and study of what its made. After they discovered what water is made of they created many factories to conceive water

-air : it was full of CO2..some people with a strong pulmonary system can survive. So people started buying purifier(something that you put on your mouth so when you inspire co2 it becomes o2 wich is better for your health)

-richness of the sol: the sol is poor wich means no agriculture no trees no flowers. As a result of this the experts in biology decided to add salts mineral in the sol. It took 10 years for it to spill over the country. But waiting was worth it. Agricultur started growing in the country and the primary sector wich is based on agricultur started to develop. That brought more money to the gouvernement…kaegetum became a better country.


By Karine Abdelnour

A special Kætëghumian dance on the 'Darkuka Musika'

Cucurbata And Pizda Tsiganoula (Food)

By Sabine Kojaian

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Arts And Paiting

By Gaelle Abi Ghanem And Maria Bitar


By Gaelle Abi Ghanem

Baskentone (Sports)

Well at Kætëghum there are many sports and here is the most popular one.

Baskentone: it's a combination of basket and badminton. Of to play you must have a ball of basket and a badminton racket.

The rules: you must throw the ball as high as you can ,first. Your partener will run and throw it back to you and of course he must use the racket, second. The objectif of the game is not to let the ball touch the floor. The first one that looses has to scream while dancing.

Maximum time: 1h. If its exceeded the one that throw the ball higher will win

Items: ball of basket and a racket

Number of players: two