Hevanian culture

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Hevanian culture
Basic Information
Culture Name




Team leader

Christelle Khoury

Team members
  • Christelle Khoury
  • Danielle Boghos
  • Maria-Clara Ahmarani
  • Charbel Dabbous
  • Hanadie Bou Abboud
  • Julien Sfeir
Forms of expression


Musical genre Kizich, a repetitive, monotonous sound on replay
Architecture Round and/or cylindrical houses
Habits and beliefs


Technology Artificial sun, Alternative Power Source (distilled water)

The Hevanian culture is one of the two cultures that was come up with for the first-ever Culture Creator instance. It won 50 to 48.5 against the Tchilkbinian culture, as judged by president George Sacre and guest judges Mark Barbar and Ramy Chamoun. The culture as such lacks the epic-ness and sense of grandeur, mythologically and thematically, that its opponent has, but is extremely well fitted to the assignment and is extremely impressive when it comes down to having a fil conducteur - it is perfectly, thoroughly coherent with itself and the assignment.

George Sacre 20:28, 22 February 2012 (UTC)

Members of the Hevanian culture

  • Christelle Khoury
  • Danielle Boghos
  • Maria-Clara Ahmarani
  • Charbel Dabbous
  • Hanadie Bou Abboud
  • Julien Sfeir

A wise word from the hevenian god

by Christelle Khoury 19:23, 19 February 2012 (UTC)

Here is a word from the Hevanian god - the Reciever:

"Once upon a dark time, there was hunger, there was pain, and there was war. The world was drowning in tears and it was way too much burden for us to bear. So we decided to end it all, before it ends us. But in order to get rid of all the evil, we had to let go of everything. Because good was somehow just as dangerous as bad. Feelings are history. People are not who they chose to be. We’ve eliminated all mistakes, by committing the biggest mistake. They believe our world is perfect, but only I know it's hells away from perfection. I am believed to be some sort of god, but the only thing I have which they don’t are the memories of a past beyond their understanding. I was chosen to hold all of its secrets within me, from the sweetest to the bitterest, but all of it is way too heavy. If only someone else knew...Would it divide the hurt in two? Mirrors are banned from the community, because it's too dangerous for them to be able to see their own reflections. But when I look in my mirror, I think to myself...Is this really how I look like to them? What if they weren’t that blind? What if they could not only look but see all that is hidden within me?

"We live in a world my ancestor chose to call Hevana, as he knew we lived in hell, but society deeply believed it was paradise, Nirvana. In this new world, kids are observed by professionals who decide upon the job which would be best for them once they grow up. We give children who are at the age of maturity pills for them not experience desire, love, or hatred. All the feelings that give a meaning to one’s life are banned forever.

"When someone’s old enough and has seen it all, at the age of 65 years old sharp, professionals in the art of release release him and he goes, it is believed, elsewhere. At least that's what they think. Truth is, what those doctors do, without knowing it, is kill people by injecting some sort of liquid in their body. They are killed before their time comes in order for them not to experience deathly pain.

"When a new child is born, we give him the name of the dead one. Men and women cannot have their own children, as it is the chosen job of many women to give birth. At every year’s ceremony, the new-born are handed to the families who applied for one. If a mother gives birth to twins, one of them gets released as it is forbidden to have two identical people in the community. Professionals weight the babies and they send the thinnest elsewhere, to the place none of them has ever been to.

"People are free to get released. But, only I, only The Receiver, cannot. I hold all the memories of the past within me. I cannot ask for release, for if I did actually get released or died - call it like you want - all the memories of pain and the few ones of happiness would be spread all over the community and people just cannot handle it. I have to wait for my successor and once I am done transmitting to him all the memories, only then will I be able to leave. But I don’t know how much longer I can wait. I am only 19. I look way older, I know. But try holding the world’s entire burden within you and see what it’ll do to you. I started my training at the age of 12. I live alone in a room, isolated from the rest of the community, and it is only when they fear a great danger or face an unsolvable problem that they ask for me. If not, I stay in my room, I eat, I sleep, and most of all, I read. I read books of how it all began. All the books of pain, war, happiness, pleasure, love are in my room and no one, but me, has access to them.

"I am the successor of the old Receiver, my Giver, who got released about six years ago. When I am not able to bear it anymore, when I am sitting at the edge of life and I don't know at which moment I'll slip and fall into the deep waters of death, then, another one will be chosen to become The Receiver and I shall become his Giver. I’ll have to transmit to the new chosen one all the memories. I’ll have to watch him scream in pain, just like I did. I’ll hear him laugh when I transmit to him the happy memories, the ones of love, family and warmth. I’ll watch him cry when he sees a man get shot as he screams in vain. And I’ll cry, but I cannot do anything about it. It will now be his turn, his duty, to handle it all deep within the silences of his soul. That's how selfish and despicable humanity can be."


by Julien Sfeir 21:26, 14 February 2012 (UTC)


Hevana's four ancestors, very important scientists, wanted to test life on Rafa-Rafa, and so they tried as hard as possible to create a new world in this new planet. Therefore, they decided that to create a new civilization, a new culture, they HAD to invent a new language. But what was their common point? They were four : an American, an Arab, and two women. one from Germany and one from France. This is why finding something all could understand was mission impossible. They had to start all over, to creat new sounds and sentence structures that were from far different from theirs.

HOVON's origin

They based their alphabet on two points:

  • Chemistry.
  • 18 letters, because 8 was the symbol of infinity (many new horizons were opened in front of them), and the number 1 is here to break the symbol in two (creating the yin-yang circle).

Chemistry brought them to the element oxygen (which is a necessity for life and its symbol is a circle). They created an alphabet out of it: the HOVON, which is based on the letter O and the circular motion of electrons.

Sentence structure and word structure

Sentence structure is extremely simple. Each word is a sequence of consonants in between which Hevanians fill vowels to determine the word’s function in the sentence.

  • The A is used for the subject. Because Hevanians do not have the freedom to choose what they want to do, subjects are limited to ZAD (He, the receiver), AZAD (He, the giver), GACH (He, She, It, They, as anything exterior), and KAR (We, as something Hevanians have to do). A is also used for essential things in our life, as SAF (fish), KHA (tomatoes)… A can be replaced by È in some exceptions (words which are originally from earth, like, for instance, HÈVANA)
  • U is used for verbs (example: CHUGUS)
  • I is used to specify what Havanians have to do (it’s time for, let’s work in… example: KIZICH : music, RIF : reactor, KIRI DICH : let’s say hello to…)
  • OU is used to determine one’s name (his number) or work (example : DOUKH: people around a Havanian, his society)

This is how KIRI DICH DOUKH means : greetings society.

O is the main letter, the main element. This is why points are used at the beginning and the end of each sentence. It’s also used in special words like KO (North).

Havanians do not have interjections (because they do not have emotions), and full circles represent spaces between words.


File:Hovon Alphabet.png
The Hovon Alphabet.

The sounds used in the HOVON are originally from the four ancestors (KH comes from Arab, R from English, G from German and U from French). As you can see on the first paper, letters are like a program, a sequence of informatic symbols.

The alphabet has a specific order. The O starts it (beginning of everything) and then H-V-N for HOVON and HÈVANA. Then it’s Z-D for ZAD and AZAD, G-CH for GACH, K-R for KAR, KH for KHA and S-F for SAF. This is what defines them. Only THEN do the vowels come.

An example

File:Hev bob c8.png
An example of Hovon: extract from the Book of Balance.

You can notice this alphabet’s structure and precision.

In Hovon, nothing is printed, and papers are usually covered with “O”s; Havanians just fill them, for them not to have a handwriting which defines each one of them personally.

A font that allows you to type in Hovon is available. Note that while using it, you will need to type respectively C, X, W and E to get the characters for CH, KH, OU and È.

Traditions ("Virid")

by Danielle Boghos 18:27, 26 January 2012 (UTC)
Traditions in Hevana are essential to the day-by-day lives of the Hevanian people. They are extremely influenced by sciences and cycles, as you will see in what follows.

Basic greetings

To greet someone, a Hevanian would typically put their right hand to their forehead; to say goodbye, they would do the same but change the shown side of the hand.

Cycle of Order

Because of their neutrality, they wear gray clothes, and have a very detailed schedule, which is common to each class. Everything has a specific timing; for example, they work from eight to five. Their lives are routinely and are based around the work-eat-sleep cycle. Nothing is allowed to break this cycle, thus distracting them. Hevanians eat with their families; they say everything they have in mind and keep no secrets from each other. The Reciever hears every single word that is said, as He has microphones in all houses.

Cycle of Numbers and typical life

Hevanians celebrate the eighth of January because of its representation - a broken infinity symbol. On that date, they yield children; therefore it is everybody's birthday on the eighth of January. That is when they grow a year older.

Any newborn child is given a number - Hevanians don't have names. The number assigned is that of the latest dead Hevanian. This is another cycle, which is allowed by the fact that the numbers never disappear.

They start school at age 5 and finish at age 12, then immediately start working. They become teenagers at age 13, but they are forbidden normal teenage years as they are too emotional and full of feelings. They finish work at age 65.
The Hevanian Infinity Symbol


by Danielle Boghos 18:27, 26 January 2012 (UTC)
The Hevanian architecture is based on Hevanian rocks, and their houses are either round or cylindrical - both symbolizing the cycles that never end.

Music ("Kizich")

by Charbel Dabbous 19:56, 14 February 2012 (UTC)

Music never had it’s place in Heavana but still KIZICH (MUSIC)managed to become in a sort of way…

KIZICH was just a fusion of sounds, and Heavana never new the feeling that was to hear good music or even to react to it, Heavanians never danced or singed or even tryed to compose a MUSIC.

The only music that ever could be considered is the daily agenda.

Speakers spreaded all over Hevanna diffuse the agenda and it would sound like this :<<5 o'clock take pills, 6 o'clock start work till 3 o'clock ,4 o'clock eat,…>> etc
A speaker


by Charbel Dabbous 19:56, 14 February 2012 (UTC)

Artificial sun

Hevana wasn’t very bright, Hevanians couldn’t see very well, they only had some star light and it wasn’t enough.

Hevanians discovered scetches of our ancestors sun ,so they took the idea and created the NI, an artificial sun that would lighten up Hevana.

Hevannians were kind of a high tech race of people they managed to imprison the star light into a sort of beacon that would amplify the rays and giving an infinite source of bright light.
The artificial sun of Hevana


Hevanians also discovered the elements of our ancestors but the only thing that they found on the space ship was a bottle of distilled water.

Hevanians managed to reproduce that water and created a big deposit of it in big silos.

Somehow by coincidence distilled water fell on the Hevanian rock and it made an explosive reaction.

Hevanians used this explosion as a force and they named it FIR.

The created reactors that would contain the FIR and diffuse it’s power to Hevana therefore making like a network of electricity, powering the speakers and every other machine on Hevanna.
FIR generator
FIR generator.