Galaxtevian culture

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Galaxtevian culture
Basic Information
Culture Name




Team color


Team leader


Team members
  • Celine Matar
  • Nathalie Asmar
  • Jamil Jabr
  • Lara Abi Torbey
  • Peter Chawwah
  • Myriam Baddour
Forms of expression
Habits and beliefs

zirvinine,khapra,vwando,haripi and icelecto



  • God: an unknown feared force
  • Soldiers: nanoloctans
CC Cultures

Members of the Galaxtevian culture

  • Celine Matar
  • Nathalie Asmar
  • Jamil Jabr
  • Lara Abi Torbey
  • Peter Chawwah
  • Myriam Baddour

Name of culture and ethymology

Ethymology: its the combination of three important words of our culture: galax: galaxy, te: technology and via: life.


"By Myriam Baddour Galaxtevia's first ancestors, were a group of very intelligent scientists composed of 6 men and 4 women who departed from earth to check the possibility of human life there. When they arrived to Rafa Rafa, an unknown and mysterious place,they had to adapt themselfs to its environment and struggle in order to survive. They explored Galaxtevia, searching for food,since the space ship was almost empty so they were facing food shortage. The vegetation on Galaxtevia was very abundant and its fruits were very sweet and tasty. From the very start galaxters loved the sweetness of the fruits of their land and it always cheered them up. Every day the scientists made new discoveries. They were fascinated by everything around them: the forests, the lakes, the mountains... They loved Galaxtevia their patriotism grew stronger and they devoted themselves to build a new civilization and a new culture. Years passed quickly and galaxtevia's communities were as lively as ever. Galaxters multiplied and communities were built. The first houses were built with hard rocks exported right from big holes: glaxrocks. Peace didn't last for a long time. Friday 13 june 2113, galaxters divided to 2 clans Xo and Xa fighting for the power and for territory problems. Many conflicts took place and the rivalry between the two groups increased. A war began. Xo won because of its malicious surprise attack and its well armed soldiers. The first weapon was created because of this war.It was a giant frisbee that is thrown vertically on the opponent and it has the capability of cutting any body part easily. Xi admitted its defeat, but prepared secretly revenge.In order to return Xo's attacks it had to invent a highly made weapon that could defend and attack at the same time. The researches of an extraordinary scientist gave hope to Xo's soldiers. His creation was a big tank that could set fire to anything in front of it, but it wasn't finished yet. Not caring about the scientist's warnings that killing machine was debuting cold-bloodedly the second war, which was way more destructive than the first. The majority of the houses and forests were buried on both clans,in addition of the countless deaths and victims. Chaos was everywhere. Peace was indispensable. A ceasefire stopped temporary this massacre. The situation was unbearable. Death was running through the silent streets. A big manifestation took place on the 5th day of ceasefire: women,elders and children from both clans were walking in the roads of both clans fearlessly. One voice could be heard: STOP THE WAR!!! Galaxtevia was united again. Everyone participated in the reconstruction of a new Galaxtevia. Conflicts were now resolved peacefully. A law discussed by the big heads of each clan. Rules were put and each galaxter had to follow them. There was never a galaxter ruling the land but all the decisions were took with the agreement of the majority of the people. A giant flag, symbol of peace, was put on the center of the land. United,rebuilt and strong again,Galaxtevia bloomed and succeeded in all the domains. Its politics and economy were developing and its technology was close to perfection. Knowledge was spread in all Galaxtevia after the apparition of galaschools. But the main cause of the good state of our country right now is mostly caused by the hard work of the scientists highly respected. They were the key of a better and easier life. Especially Electrica an old scientist who discovered electricity our current main resource; and the Porters who created the tele porters a very useful invention that changed everyone's life.

Religion and beliefs

"By Nathalie Asmar At first our god was Jesus but everyone were ignoring our religion and never thought about praying for our god. They considered that Jesus can be god on earth but doesn’t have any power in space and more specifically in RAFA RAFA. Days were passing and Galaxters forgot about Jesus. From now on they consider Jesus as an unknown feared force. From when they were little, baby galaxters were always told the same story before bed time. Everyone on Galaxtevia believes of the presence of a divine force that has helped us from the very start in our daily life. A legend has been passed through the years, about our origin.

Everything starts with Gala and Xtevia, who were deeply in love with each other. They gave birth to a girl Glax and a boy Glox. From a young age,the boy fell in love with his mother and the girl fell in love with her father. The two siblings didn't stand each other. Gala fell ill. Xtevia half insane, went on an adventure to search for a medicine to save his beloved one. He decided to climb the Houlolo mountain in order to bring back water from its holy fouintain. He never returned and Gala died. Desperate and alone, the two siblings were very scared. Eventually they learnt to help and understand each other. Each one of them meant the world to the other. They were inseparable. Glox and Glax grew up fast and resembled their parents more each passing day. Their bond was very strong and they shared a great love. A huge choke hit Glox when Glax fell ill from the same illness of her mother. they panicked, cried... it was hopeless. One night, Glox left the side of his lover and kept on walking desperately in the forests. Exhausted and lost he sat down and inplored for help. His prayers were heard. A blinding light came out of nowhere, and a deep voice called his name. A sensation of ultimate warmth and an endless calm dominated Glox' body and mind. "YOUR WISH WILL BE GRANTED IF ALL YOUR CHILDREN WILL DEVOTE THEMSELFS TO THEIR ONLY GOD" Glox was ready to sacrifice his life to save Glax. He didn't know the consequences of his acts... Suddenly the sky opened and a grain was gently put on the ground. A crazy wind buried the grain deep in the ground, and a tear fell from heaven right on its location. Glox lost conciance. The next morning he woke up next to Glax, she was fully recovered...


At first Galaxters, were very peaceful they believed in their selves in their country in their people. Till then they were very confident, they never asked about the future about tomorrow about every single move they accomplished, they feared nothing but god. Until one day when a giant computer was created by a remarkably intelligent scientist. He had commited one huge mistake, he had forgotten to put the computer as an unemotional device while formatting it. This computer was named “NANOLOC”. “NANOLOC” was playing the role of a dictator. Everybody had to obey nanoloc’s orders or else he had to survived the really tough punishments that were given. Nanoloc was very strict with his people he didn’t have any mercy every little move was counted. This insecure and ignorance lead to believe in many curses and superstitions. Some of the most known ones are: 1-If you kill a plant this will curse you for 6 months 2-If you don’t salute a person that passes beside you this will curse you for more than one year 3-if you don’t maintain your teleporter and if it got ruined this will curse you for more than 2 years


"By Celine Matar


"By Celine Matar When Galaxters first arrived to galaxtevia ,none talked the same language or had the same traditions ,therefore during the next few years, habits and traditions were formed. Firstly in order to greet each other,Galaxters bang each others' heads. When they want to say goodbye or farewell each other they rub each other's heads with their knuckles. Consequently , traditions were formed : Galaxters celebrated the day of the end of the second war "Towa", the day where they were reunited thanks to the nanoloc. They spend that day glorifying it and thanking it for punishing severely the war commuters and regaining peace in galaxtevia. "Hallo", a day specialized for kids in which they have fun by disguising themselves as galaxters that children are an important part of the galaxtevian population. "Bini", is celebrated in winter.Galaxters pray for god to abondir the production of the fruits the coming summer season wich is followed by "Berty" in wich they pick the fruits and thank god for it. This is a really important trandition as it is known that plants, especially fruits are the most important ressource in Galaxtevia.


"By Peter Chawah


"By Peter Chawah

History :

At first , Galaxtevia was a place where technology was helpful in some things as communication , documentation , work and creating fun . Though , scientists were convinced that technology should evolve further and have an essential role in the community . But what made them hesitate was the unknown influence that it could cause . One day , a group of scientists decided to pass the limits and make a big step in Galaxtevia’s development . Therefore , after several studies , they created a computer which could hear its user’s voice and program theirselves . This was the first step of what was going to come .

The agreement

After this phase , all scientists agreed to make Galaxtevia a technological place where everything could be easy for the galaxters and where technology will be essential in their lives .

The technological advancement :

After their creations , this group of scientists got larger in its members . And , one year later , teleporters , one of the greatest achievements , were created after serious hard work , its goal in decreasing the problems of traveling from a place to another was the motive in it . Plus , another unexpected creation was made , it was a program that could set every device as an emotional or as an unemotional device . Other creations and improvements had also been made , as electrical stairs , 5D screens that could make you feel the actor’s current state , screens that could get fold to become in the size of a book , lasers that could arrive to a distance of 3 miles , a more important use of solar energy as a recharging energy source and a health clearing medicine .

The accident :

One day , a giant computer was created by a remarkably intelligent scientist . He had commited one huge mistake , he had forgotten to put the computer as a unemotional device while formatting it . So the computer unplugged itself from cable and became functional without any electrical source , but became an energy source instead . It became a giant screen that had feelings and controlled the energy sources and maintained the power , helped Galaxtevia to become a high-tech country and became the object of worship for Galaxtevians . This computer was named “NANOLOC” . Therefore , all future predictions were shut down . And technology became an essential key in politics , religion , cuisine , social relations and finance .

Future predictions cancelled :

After all future technological predictions were shut down , the galaxters felt wrong about it . This action was made because it had been felt that galaxters had become lazy and irresponsible . But , with time , everything became back as normal and they lived peacefully. Some of those predictions :

• Creating a machine that could make anyone fly over Galaxtevia and see this beautiful view .

• A machine that could dress up the galaxtevians in a fine good taste appropriately for their event .

• A time travel machine .


"By Peter Chawah


In Galaxtevia , technology became an essential key to the society . At first , the technological advancement was shown when computers could be able to hear the user’s voice and program theirselves . And it continued when the galaxters created teleporters to go from one place to another , and when a program was created to set every device as an emotional or unemotional device . Till then , there was nothing known as politics , until one day , when a giant computer was created by a remarkably intelligent scientist . He had commited one huge mistake , he had forgotten to put the computer as a unemotional device while formatting it . So the computer unplugged itself from cable and became functional without any electrical source , but became an energy source instead . It became a giant screen that had feelings and controlled the energy sources and maintained the power , helped Galaxtevia to become a high-tech country and became the object of worship for Galaxtevians . This computer was named “NANOLOC” .

Law and Procedures :

The scientist , that created the computer , and his crew were assigned as “the nanoloctans” that would follow the machine’s orders and apply them . Between those twelve , the scientist was chosen as the representative and negociator of the computer’s thoughts ; and his son was chosen as the leader of the other soldiers and the people’s voicer . The remaining ten were each located to a different agglomeration , they were in charge of establishing the respect of law and punishing anyone who would disobey the “NANOLOC” , making sure that the galaxtevians were praying to let the “NANOLOC” give them more power and take the peope’s demands to the people’s voicer to inform the “NANOLOC” who will try his best to improve the life of galaxtevians .


• Respect and help each other to avoid the “NANOLOC” wrath .

• Pray to let the “NANOLOC” give energy and power .

• Follow the “NANOLOC” predictions for your own protection .

• Stealing , killing , cheating , lying and disrespect are forbidden .

• Till the age of 20 , galaxtevians should complete their studies .

• Everyone should participate and have fun in the games .

The “NANOLOC” punishments

• Locking a person in a box for 1 day or more without food and water , depending on how bad were his actions .

• Humiliating a person , or making him do breathtaking chores .

• Cutting off the electricity for the whole country .

Voting :

Every 2 years , the galaxters will elect 10 new soldiers to replace the others . The voting is based on who is ready to do anything for the best of Galaxtevia . In a democratic way , it takes place in the havwa field where the people raise their hands to be considered as a vote for the person’s name just mentioned to be one of the nanoloctans . The 10 people with the highest number of votes will be the new nanoloctans .


"By Celine Matar The war is a bad memory for Galaxters what made them run away from everything that reminds them of it. Everything they paint is refered to the nature, its colors, shapes... They use bright and joyful colors. They chose to paint with tree leaves as they believe that anything they paint has to be painted with ustensils of its own environment.

Music and Dance

"By Myriam Baddour Our Music is a 2 minutes song which is calm but represents our country and is Galaxtevia’s anthem. Our Dance is a slow-paced series of movements where no athletic abilities are required.

Sports and Games

"By Peter Chawah

To create a fun atmosphere various sports and games were created and some of them were learned from the past generations of galaxters . They were considered necessary in Galaxtevia .

Reasons why sports and games were considered necessary

- To give all galaxters the good sportsmanship spirit .

- To create a fun enjoyable atmosphere .

- To relieve everyone from pressure and stress .

- To maintain the peace between galaxters in an indirect way .

- To keep all galaxters in good shape .

This is why the NANOLOC obliged all galaxters to participate .

Punishments in case of cheating or killing the fun

- Making the galaxter drink 10 bottles of water straight far away from a bathroom to make him run very fast to the bathroom to pee so he would feel humiliated .

- Throwing the person in a mini-pool of mud .


Arriving to Galaxtevia , our ancestors never forgot their sport activities and made sure to make them still be exercised by all galaxters to be able to maintain the good sportsmanship spirit . These sports were football , basketball , tennis and athletics . And they were respectively renaimed into the following : framos , pounka , tovi and réy . But , with time , new sports were invented . these sports are :

- Tajbo : it’s a mix between volleyball and handball where 2 teams play till a score of 21 . Each player should touch the ball only once as a pass to his teammate or as a shot , to score in the adversary’s goal . But , most importantly , the ball must not touch the ground .

- Menzo : it’s a long jump over a mini-pool of mud .


In Galaxtevia , three games shined as a breakthrough from all stress and as an enjoyable activity . These games are :

- Vinjo : a fun game we call twister .

- Soavlin : you slide ( or even throw yourself ) on a ground where soapy water had been put on , the longer the distance you make the better it gets .

- Tirap : it’s a fun free for all where every player has a necklace which has a small tag picture on its end . The purpose of it is to steal your adversaries’ necklace without letting yours get ripped of from you . The last one remaining with his necklace still attached wins .

Social relations

"By Peter Chawah

In Galaxtevia , the social relations were knows as “the five bones”.

Humble : being modest and courteously respectful towards everyone .

Respect : all galaxters should not make fun or criticize anyone or something made by anyone and should try to help them .

Loyalty : all the galaxters should be completely truthful towards one another and should not exercise any cheating or lying or stealing . And one of the most important things is trust .

Cooperation : all galaxters should act like a team even if it’s outside sports and help each other and look for each other and protect each other to arrive to the same big goal … peace .

Competition : everyone has the feeling of wanting to be the best . Therefore , competition gets more and more intense between galaxters especially in sports and games .

But in Galaxtevia , conflicts and fighting don’t exist because of everything that does the NANOLOC to please and keep the peace between the galaxters and avoid problems of behavior .


"By Jamil Jabr in Galaxtevia we don't use money.It doesn't have any value we just use it for businesses between us and other cultures .For our Finance we make exchanges that develop it. Our finance is really strong. As Galaxtevia is composed of 6 tributes or cities and every city is really strong in different industries and that improves relations between cities and it improves also standard of living. Example: Hubu is strong in everything related with cars, and Lacto is strong with everything that helps us building houses. So HUBU gives LACTO raw material for building cars and LACTO gives HUBU raw material for building houses and hotels and shops….


"By Lara Abi Torbey

Galaxtevia has only 2 seasons : Bunu(summer) and tika (winter. In bunu it can reach maximum 41degres and in tika 4degres. When it rains, the sea gain heights and stays at that level to bunu and when the sea began to regress that's a sign that tika has approached. Our land is full of vegetation and trees especially fruit trees, and we gave no animals that's the reason that we're vegetarians and eat only what the land has to offer.


"By Peter Chawah

Galaxtevia is well-known for its original cuisine regardless of the fact that all galaxters are vegetarians . But some dishes had becomen famous for their delicious intriguing taste .

These are :

zirvinine : it's a special salad based on artichoke, asparagus, palmito, corn, lettuce and pineapple with an olive oil soury sauce .

khapra : it's a starwberry flavored cake with small slices of strawberries and chocolate topics .

vwando : it's a mix of lemon, lime and orange with one secret special add-up in one drink .

icelecto : it's a all flavored fruity ice cream that comes with your choice of flavors and topings .

haripi : it's a great soupe that tastes great with a hint of cinnamon and teragon .