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Exoboxian culture
Basic Information
Culture Name




Team color


Team leader

Samir Dagher

Team members
  • Samir Dagher
  • Yara Zeitouny
  • Celine Saad
  • Roy Madi
  • Nour Khoury
  • Rita Chebl
  • Gwenaelle Maalouf
  • Celine Khoury
Forms of expression


Musical genre Exobozongia
Architecture Exotecture
Habits and beliefs




CC Cultures

Members of the Exoboxian culture

  • Samir Dagher
  • Yara Zeitouny
  • Rita Chebl
  • Roy Madi
  • Nour Khoury
  • Celine Saad
  • Gwenaelle Maalouf
  • Celine Khoury

Name of culture and ethymology

Exoboxia is the name of our culture; it's the planet where exoboxian people live.
It's clear that its name refers to the "X-Box", which has been one of the most advanced and appreciated inventions so far. Therefore, Exoboxia is the most sophisticated planet in the whole universe.
File:Day View.PNG File:Night View.PNG
Rita Chebl 15:22, 30 October 2012 (EDT)

Flag and National Hymn

The exoboxian flag is the reunification of all of Heroism gods, in addition to their friends. This variety shows our cosmopolitan side. On another hand, the national hymn is the ingathering of the different characteristical songs of some of our superheroes gods.
PS: A video and a logo have been produced. This logo is one of the most viewed signs on the X-Box.

The lyrics of the video are the following :
"Reporting live from Earth,
Hello fellow earthlings, I'm exoboxian.
I just wanted to inform you that the whole universe will be destroyed because of a Big Bang.
Therefore, the only remaining planet will be Exoboxia.
I'll be taking you here.
It is an advanced world
You can see how they build the houses."
Roy Madi 09:42, 6 November 2012 (EST)

Map and Description


  • Protegiquadratum: (from Latin; protegi : protect and quadratum: square)

As you know, Exoboxia is a squared planet. The protegiquadrum is Exoboxia’s “atmosphere”, but has got a squared shape, in order to protect the planet from the UV. Therefore, it’s mainly constituted from O3, O2, CO2, H2O, some rare gases and a huge amount of flying and living photons. These photons illuminate the planet; they wake up and provide light, and then sleep in order to darken Exoboxia.

  • Oscimare: (from Latin; oscilaretur: kiss and amare: love)

This piece of land was given that name because of its lipped shape. The South of this continent is desert, its middle is temperate and its North is cold and icy.

  • Deserto-pulco: (from Latin; deserto: desert and pulco: just)

This continent was named in that way because of its desert and rough climate.

  • Temperare-pulco: (from Latin; temperare: temperate and pulco: just)

This continent was named like that because of its temperate and moderate climate.

  • Dentem: (from Latin; dentem: teeth)

This continent was named so because of its saw tooth shape. The desert dominates in the South and the temperate weather dominates in the North.

  • Novus Islands: (from Latin; novus: new)

These islands were named like that because they were recently discovered. Therefore, they form a continent.The freezing climate is dominant in these 4 islands.

  • Decernere’s channel: (from Latin; decernere: separate)

This channel is human made and it was done in order to elaborate a shortcut between the North-West and the South-East of Exoboxia.

  • Mirabile’s Gulf: (from Latin; mirabile: marvellous)

This gulf takes its name from its content: the beauty of the aquatic fauna and flora located in it makes you feel as if you were dreaming!

  • Origonal Ocean: (from Latin; origo: origin)

This ocean takes its name from the fact that the old meteorites crashed near and inside of it a billion years ago. Nowadays, these meteorites enter in the Mushro-Boxia coins crasis.

  • Great Ocean: This chasm filled with water is the biggest wet area in the planet.
  • Magicura Rivers: These 3 rivers are magic; their curative liquid is the basic component of the “Exophare” (see the “Chemistry and Medicine” part).
  • Triboxian Rivers: These are 3 central rivers situated in the Temperare-pulco, which abscond from a rounded source located approximately in the centre of the squared planet. Exoboxian scientists reckon that this source is Exoboxia’s reason of surviving from the destroying Big Bang.

Samir Dagher 16:12, 4 November 2012 (EST)

Summary of Origins, History and Life

At the beginning, what is actually named Exoboxia was a squared star which wasn’t explored by any scientific because of its size and its weird form. Then, after a million years, the light of this shining star has stopped and it has become a mostly ordinary planet, but with a different form from the others. Exoboxia was unstable and was turning in a different way than the other planets. This has contributed to an accident: the gas which resulted from the changes has created the actual “protegiquadratum”. A few years later an incident happened; an enormous collision between this new planet and another complete and normal planet helped the small underwater cells to become ground cells. These particles metamorphosed into living creatures. Between these latest features was a little unshaped green kind of being we can see threw it. Its transparency helped to recognize a little large functioned brain. This strange creature has been developing for like 1 thousand because of its relative high intelligence. It began to drink water of rivers, which helped it evolve rapidly beside the miscellaneous constitution of the “protegiquadratum”. Therefore, it became a new smart being named “exoboxian”. You should know that when female exoboxians were giving birth to a new generation, their children were not like them; they were little intelligent and fluent creatures from which the green color started to diminish in a very remarkable way. And now here we are…
Celine Saad 14:44, 5 November 2012 (EST)


Exoboxanian is the language used in Exoboxia.
PS: Note that Latin is the mother of our language.
Samir Dagher 14:00, 28 October 2012 (EDT)

Letters and Writing

Our letters are inspired from the X-Box's handling machine controls. This table shows how they are written in addition to their pronunciation and latin equivalence.
File:Alphabet's Table 1.PNG
File:Alphabet's Table 2.PNG

“Hello fellow strangers, I’m exoboxian from Exoboxia. I just wanted to inform you that the whole universe will explode because of a Big Bang. Therefore, the only remaining planet will be Exoboxia. However, you can still come.”
File:Alphabet's Text.PNG
Samir Dagher 13:59, 5 November 2012 (EST)


On the other hand, we can distinguish 2 types of pronunciation techniques:

  • Complexu pronunciation: (from Latin; complexu: complex)

This technique is very hard and different from the writing ones; only wise exoboxian are generally able to utter normal words in complex Exoboxanian. To form words, there are two steps which are to be applied:
1.Convert each Latin letter to its equivalent Arabic letter (see the upper tables): i.e.: “Hello” becomes هأللو
2.Inverse the obtained group of Arabic letter: i.e.: “Hello” which becomes “هأللو” is read وللأه

  • Simplex pronunciation: (from Latin; simplex: simple)

This technique of enunciating is the easiest existing on Exoboxia: it involves Latin phonetic language; the words are read as if they were in English. i.e.: “Hello” is read “Hello”.
Samir Dagher 13:25, 5 November 2012 (EST)


In addition to that, the table under shows the minimal physiological difference between arabic numbers and exoboxian virtual numbers.
File:Number's Table.PNG
Samir Dagher 13:25, 5 November 2012 (EST)

Notion of Time

  • 1 year = 8 months: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. The months were named so in honor of the destruction of these old solar-system planets and the death of their people.
  • 1 month = 6 weeks
  • 1 week = 5 days: "Culturae" (from Latin; the day of Culture), "Amicitia" (from Latin; the day of Friendship), "Familia" (from Latin; the day of Family time), "Pars" (from Latin; the day of Party) and "Requiem" (from Latin; the day of Rest).

PS: To respect the actions described by these days is not an obligation.

  • 1 day = 18 hours
  • 1 hour = 75 minutes
  • 1 min = 35 seconds

Samir Dagher 09:41, 6 November 2012 (EST) and Celine Saad 10:47, 6 November 2012 (EST)

Believes and Religion

Exoboxian people believe in many facts:

  • Reincarnation: when an exboxian dies, when his life “Games Over”, he relives with a new body that looks similar than the old one; he “Restarts” his life “from his last Checkpoint”.
  • They are polytheists; they believe in many gods. Here are the Heroism gods:
  • When an exoboxian goes through a difficulty, he can try a mini-level to win some “Mushro-Boxian” coins or to level up in order to skip his hard time and move to the second level.

PS: Superstitions are, for exoboxian people, the symbol of the Devil; this is why beliving in them is strictly unallowed under banning penalty from Exoboxia.
Roy Madi 09:39, 5 November 2012 (EST)

General Laws

  • Exoboxian people do not have a specific place to pray. They usually use the 3rd floor of there building as a praying room. (See the "Architecture Part")
  • Exoboxian people are not allowed to dress up like their gods (even for Halloween parties), yet, if they do that, they will be cursed.
  • Exoboxian people can make, when they turn 20 years, one of their wishes come true for a specific cost (money, sacifices..). The bigger the wish is, the more valuable the cost will.
  • Exoboxian people can challenge someone to win whatever he wants from this person. The demand will be accepted in case of winning.
  • Bad words and insults in Exoboxia are severely forbidden; the penalty for mumbling or whooping them will be 2 weef of hard chore in jail.
  • Each exoboxian ddriving is obliged to be accompanied by a person sitting in the seat beside. This "co-driver" could be real or virtual (illusion/hologram).

PS: Some of the rules were mentioned in the other parts. Please do consider them.
Roy Madi 09:33, 5 November 2012 (EST)

Educational System

After birth, each Exoboxian will undergo an operation in which professional surgeons will insert an empty memory card in the brain of the new born. This memory card will save every single emotion, information, skill that the person may encounter during his childhood and until the age of fifteen.
After the age of fifteen, the citizen should visit a specialized center where his memory card would be extracted, analyzed, updated then reinstated again. The study of that card, analyzing every single information in it, will determine in which direction your future should go i.e.: the field he’s interested in, for example: if someone passed across a painting and admired it and felt some strong emotions toward it his future should be directed toward the art domain; and if someone was interested in all new high technology then, he might find himself in an engineering domain.
PS: Note that every fifteen years this memory card has to be updated over and over again.
Yara Zeitouny 15:30, 5 November 2012 (EST)


Presidential Elections

Every citizen who is above fifty years old has the right to present his candidature to the presidential elections. All the candidates will be placed in front of a computer which will scan their eyes, reach their memory card, analyze it and compare it among the others. The smartest and most experienced being will be nominated to be the chief. After that, following the same procedure, ten exoboxians will be chosen as assistants to the president.
PS: Elections occur every seven years.
Yara Zeitouny 15:30, 5 November 2012 (EST)


You should know that the army is very advanced and sophisticated: the main weapon is a cutting laser that passes through your body and kills you in a fraction of a second. Newly, the army has discovered a laser-energy-storage; its energy is stored and is emitted when it reaches a certain high level. This is why no being dares to proclaim war. Peace is one of our mottos. However, the last time this projectile was used was in the second third part of the “Great War (⅔)”. Consequently, the army’s presence consists of emergency cases.
In addition, every army lad is trained to be, if the case presents itself, the chief of a certain troop. Plus, the army cargoplanes can metamorphose, by a simple click, into an army special colossal tank.
Yara Zeitouny 10:03, 6 November 2012 (EST)


In Exoboxia, army is divided into 1000 troops, plus the reinforcements. Each troop usually contains twenty soldiers (navy, planers, landers) while the Special Forces consist of five soldiers instead of twenty.
Yara Zeitouny 10:03, 6 November 2012 (EST)

Training System

Exoboxian troops are well trained. First of all, to become a part of the army, you must be between 18 and 32 years old. Secondly, they enter a simulator, wear a helmet, and perform virtual exercises with potential people. Note that the exercises can be done by groups. The trained exoboxian willing to enter the army, exercises once per day for seven hours. Third, experience is gained (xP) in case of progress, and positions are attributed. The more xP you have, the higher your position is.
Yara Zeitouny 10:03, 6 November 2012 (EST)



In Exoboxia, people have a strange way of greeting you warmly. Instead of kissing each other on their cheeks, they are to each other five times: the first on their left hand, the second on their right hand, the third on their left ear, the fourth on their right ear and the fifth on their forehead.
In addition, if the two meeting persons are divorced or separated, they have to slap each other in a very gentle and soft way on the same five places, in order to show respect towards themselves even though they are in bad terms.
Celine Khoury 09:30, 6 November 2012 (EST) and Gwenaelle Maalouf


To say goodbye, exoboxian people usually stand face-to-face and look at each other for a duration of at least 5 seconds. The more you persist looking, the better you express your way of enjoying the people who were in the gathering. In addition to that, exoboxian smile if they appreciated the meeting or become upset if they were not satisfied enough. Being neutral is a shame.
Celine Khoury 09:30, 6 November 2012 (EST)


Asking for Marriage

The tradition of asking for marriage on this planet is quite simple: after the traditional demand coming from the guy, the exoboxian referred girl should buy an X-box when she feels to be ready to marriage. On this X-box is a special button that will flicker in that case. When she clicks on this button, a special window will pop-up giving her the full details of the groom and the place and time where to meet.
Celine Khoury 09:30, 6 November 2012 (EST)

The Celebration

The marriage takes place in a big gold and fully decorated cave, which contains in its center a short white rope dangling down. A camera is located in that place to record the little nuptial parade. Both, bride and groom, have to jump and pull the rope down. When this is successfully done, a judge comes down and the ceremony starts. After the ceremony ends they invite friends and family and go partying till the next sunlight.
PS: Each one is free to wear the clothes he wants; the exoboxian law allows the groom and the bride to come in swimming suits.
Celine Khoury 09:30, 6 November 2012 (EST)

The Honey Moon

The new husband and wife have to visit all of the 5 continents of Exoboxia, even if they have done it alone before they got unified. In addition, they are to dive in the "Mirabile's Gulf", in order to become cheerful and glad for the rest of their lives, and to do not encounter envy and greediness.
The honeymoon usually starts 2 days after the marriage.
Celine Khoury 09:30, 6 November 2012 (EST)

Life Style

Everyday’s life can be monotonous, adventurous and entertaining at the same time. As we mentioned previously while talking about music, “Exobozongia is classic and monotonous in the beginning and then it progresses into a very energetic and exciting way”. This statement describes music and everyday living as well.
The routine starts every morning. Same actions are repeated over and over: people wake up, take their daily shower, get dressed, take their breakfast and go each person to his work until 3 o’clock. After that, the routine is broken every afternoon. In fact, after work, life becomes more vivacious. No one is allowed to stay in his office; everyone should go hang out and spend time with friends, family… That’s a way to renew their power and to be ready to work the next day energetically. People go to the cinema, visit monuments, practice some sports, visit each other, and go shopping… The afternoon, everyone enjoy it. At night, after 9 o’clock, it is not tolerated to hang around. This time is dedicated to family: they meet together and discuss how their day was, what was special, how they will spend the next day, they eat together (except for marriages, of course)... Well in summary, they get to know each other better.
How do they go from a place to another? Well, as revealed earlier, there are common transportations entitled cargoplanes which are electric cars equipped with GPS. People going to the same location take the same car, specify the address and the car drives them there automatically. Cars do not need drivers at all. Some citizens like to walk instead of taking the car.
Yara Zeitouny 15:25, 6 November 2012 (EST)


In most video games, such as super Mario, mushrooms are the source of the heroes' power. From here, Exoboxia’s cuisine rely mainly on mushrooms; that's how it got the qualification: "mushroom-based".

Benefits of Mushrooms

  • Increase your vitamin D
  • The vitamins C, B6 and B12 found in mushrooms are responsible for boosting your immune system.
  • Eat your antioxidants
  • Kick up your metabolism
  • Be good to your bladder

PS: Note that even if Mushrooms are small in size, they are very important for the organism: nutrition facts showed that mushrooms have plenty of vitamins (such as vitamins C, D, B6 and B12) and minerals (like calcium, iron, potassium and selenium). Those vitamins and minerals along with large doses of riboflavin, niacin and pantothenic acid keep you fit and in good health.
Yara Zeitouny 15:56, 5 November 2012 (EST)

Some of our traditional meals

  • Appetizer:
    • Moroyoto, which is a piece of bread on which pesto sauce and mozzarella cheese are lying with cherry tomato on top.
    • Roxito, salad based on roca, nuts, fetta cheese and fresh mushrooms and served with mayo sauce
  • Lunch: (for the Exoboxian people lunch is the most important meal of the day) Crepagne is a mixture of mozzarella cheese, meat and sauce bechamel lying on a pancake.

PS: Crepagne is Exoboxia’s speciality.

  • Dessert: Jecrita is our culture’s most colorful dish it’s a combination of jello (strawberry flavor), caster (vanilla flavor) and chocolate mousse.
  • Dinner: Pizza cone is a sweet cone in which there is cheese, ham and mushrooms.

Yara Zeitouny 13:45, 31 October 2012 (EDT)


The exoboxian music refers to life on Exoboxia. “Exobozongia” (or exoboxian music) describes the remixes that exoboxian people come up with in order to express their feelings. Dancing is also an activity which helps showing out emotions. Exobozongia is classic and monotonous in the beginning and then it progresses into a very energetic and exciting way; this contradiction shows how complex and different exoboxian people are. Moreover, it is the only song in the whole planet; this is why it’s so important for exoboxian. However, it is permitted to remix it, but changing it or permuting the styles position is strictly prohibited. The song does not include any lyrics because in Exoboxia, each person is able to create lyrics in order to make the song more vivid.
On the other hand, silences such as “soupirs, pause, demi-pause…” and alterations such as “dieses, becarres, bemols…” do not exist. The only key used is the “Neutrox Key” (symbol: ¶).
Furthermore, Exobozongia’s writing techniques are so different from the usual earthling music writing: it is based on 30 notes which are not all used in this song but which can be utilized in remixes. The name of these notes is nearly similar to the alphabet Latin letters but there are some remarkable differences:
File:Music Notes 1.PNGFile:Music Notes 2.PNG

The instrument on which all of these 30 notes are included is the “Ratig”.
This antique instrument has been fabricated by the grand “Goch Raty”, one of the most performing musicians of the exoboxian culture.
The “Ratig” is able to make different sounds just by clicking on its keypads. In addition, this invention has been used to create the national hymn but it’s no longer used because it is considered as a very valuable item. Nowadays, it’s well conserved in the international museum.
PS: Note that this song is playable on any modern instrument, only if the musician twangs on the chords or on the keys.
The national hymn of Exoboxia regroups super heroes’ songs. It has been created like that in order to describe the exoboxian power in life, their honor and their attachment to their nation. At the end, it is strictly forbidden to change it because of its antique and symbolic meaning for these people.

Celine Saad 14:41, 5 November 2012 (EST)


The dance starts in a classic and slow way, then in a fast way and finally finishes in a very speedy rock way. The dance's steps are rapid and most of them refer to hip hop, hard metal and rock.
Dancing with yellow clothes is strictly forbidden. Be aware of what you're wearing! If you disobey, you will get into grievous tribulations.
Celine Khoury 17:13, 29 October 2012 (EDT)


Exoboxian life is mainly based on electrostatics; i.e.: Houses do usually fly because they are charged negatively and so is the planet. Consequently, they become stable at a certain height (this height depends on the number of negative charges in the dwelling); that's how they are airborne…
Moreover, exoboxian people are attracted by their domiciles because of the fact that they keep touching a little ball found in the entrance of every single “Exo-house” without releasing their hands in order to become as much as neutral as possible. This shiny scoop also procures power and energy. In addition to that, a colossal crystal ball is situated in the center of each city on this planet. This enormous rounded crystalline object provides charges for all the other small balls in the burgh and assures the continuity of the life in Exoboxia.

Here are some physical values studying Exoboxia:

  • g= 4.1 N/kg
  • Length of its side : 1250 km
  • Length of its diagonal line : 1767 km
  • Average Temperature: 23.1 C

Samir Dagher 13:12, 30 October 2012 (EDT) and Gwenaelle Maalouf

Chemistry and Medicine

In Exoboxia, a lot of medicines have been created but the well-known, prominent and most efficient ones are:

  • Exonadol: It's a charged iron capsule and it's produced by the jumbo ball. This drug relaxes and fortifies frail bodies after an exhausting and stiffing physical effort or a loss/excess of charges…
  • Exophare: It's a liquid medication, similar to a potion that wise exoboxian get from the “Magicura Rivers” located beside the “Great Ocean”. The concept is to put some drops of this drug in a cup of water and swallow it with a huge smile of faith, or else it won’t have any positive effect on the sick body.

by Gwenaelle Maalouf


Exospitals are huge buildings where surgeries are done. If any exoboxian has had an accident or got sick and could not be cured with medicines, he's directly transferred to the Exospital.
There are no drugstores in Exoboxia; wise and cultivated exoboxian people manufacture natural medicines.
by Gwenaelle Maalouf


One of the traditional exoboxian treating methods is the phytotherapy. Herbalism (healing with plants) is the study of the use of extracts from natural origin as medicines or health-promoting agents. What is meant by that could be summarized when saying that this curative technique consists in utilizing plants as a prominent remedy. Plus, the most efficient curative plants grow in the neighborhood of the "Magicura Rivers" from which they draw their nutritive substances. Furthermore, here are the most effective genres of medical-used-plants:

  • Sanatio : (from Latin; Cure)

It is the most trusted plant regarding its positive and magic effects.

  • Thesianes : (from Latin; anesthesia: anesthesia; thesianes is consequently the permutation of the origin’s radical)

This plant is usually used to fabricate anesthesia which is generally used in exospitals.

  • Capitis dolore: (from Latin; Headache)

It is a plant from which wise exoboxian create a potion in order to diminish the intensity of a headache. The "Capitis dolore" is very rare.
Rita Chebl 13:05, 6 November 2012 (EST)


Musicotherapy is the treatment of mental disorders by means of music. As exoboxian reckon that music is one of the most important arts in their culture, they came up with the idea of using it in curing mental a psychic diseases and problems. Statistics have shown that 62% of our mental patients improved only by listening frequently to the Exobozongia and it remixes. Moreover, wise exoboxian are trying to demonstrate that this therapy has also got positive effects on abnormal animals.
Rita Chebl 13:51, 6 November 2012 (EST)

Economic System

The exoboxian currency is called “Mushro-Boxia” coins. This type of token can be either brown or shiny-yellow because it is made from meteorites which crashed a billion years ago near the “Origonal Ocean”. The coins are glossy and on each one of them is plugged its value. Brown coins are more expensive than yellow ones.
The values written on the yellow coins are the following:

  • 1 ‡
  • 5 ‡
  • 10 ‡
  • 20 ‡
  • 50 ‡
  • 100 ‡

The values written on the brown coins are the following:

  • 100 ‡
  • 250 ‡
  • 500 ‡
  • 750 ‡
  • 1000 ‡

Indeed, the more the values enhances, the more the coin gets dark.
by Gwenaelle Maalouf
File:Mushro-Boxia Coins.PNG

Social Classes

We can classify exoboxian people into four clear and generic categories:

  • Exoboxian Wise Beings: these people are the most intelligent creatures in the whole universe. They are the only ones able to pronounce correctly the Exoboxonian (which is a very hard technique of speaking). These gifted beings are also the only persons allowed to fabricate medicines and draw the liquid from “Magicura Rivers”.
  • Exoboxian Normal Beings: they have a normal intelligence which is eventually higher than the earthlings’.
  • Exoboxian Maids: these robots are considered and are treated as normal people; no segregation and discrimination exist in Exoboxia. This is why this category is not put in the “Technology” part.
  • Exoboxian Clergy: this category regroups all the exoboxian people who reckon they are in a very adjacent connexion with, at least, 3 gods. Proofs are highly recommended, considering that miracles do exist.

Rita Chebl 14:17, 5 November 2012 (EST) and Samir Dagher 14:23, 5 November 2012 (EST)


In Exoboxia, people believe that environment is one of the most important occupations they have to consider. Goku, the god of photons and environment, is not lenient at all; if he gets sad or angry, it’s a huge dilemma. All of the photons will flounder in an enormous gulf of darkness and gloominess (that is, the photons will be in a kind of coma state); no light will be generated anymore! In this case, the majority of exoboxian people (if not all of them) go upstairs to the 3rd level of their homes and start throwing water on themselves in order to feel that they became innocent after the sin they have made. This act is practiced until photons relive. Plus, the Exoboxian environment is mostly constituted by water, fruit trees (apple, pear, cherry trees…), wild trees (whose leaves purifies the CO2 into O2 by making the photosynthesis thanks to their autotrophy), legume orchards, air and soil (and its components). Consequently, we can recognize the presence of the “4 essential exoboxian elements”: air, fire, water and exosoil (which means “the earth” of Exoboxia)
Samir Dagher 14:27, 5 November 2012 (EST)


The animal's owner himself usually designs the creature in Exoboxia. He can appropriate any head to any other body. Consequently, the fellow can manufacture his own best friend and accompanist. The exoboxian lad is also able to create and adjust its moral character and personnality; i.e.: the combination of a lion's head and a dog's body may lead to a dog with a lion's face and a ferocious temperament.
File:Eagle Dog.jpg File:Pig-frog.jpg File:Serpentkitten.jpg File:Uni-zebra.jpg
Rita Chebl 13:41, 6 November 2012 (EST) and Yara Zeitouny 13:52, 6 November 2012 (EST)


Exoboxian people are obliged to wear black clothes. In fact, women wear black skirts or dresses and men wear black pants. For these people, the black color represents joy, delight, gladness, glee and even ecstasy, so it is enjoyable wear it. On the other hand, white is a sad, gloomy and squalid color; consequently, exoboxian people usually dress up with white on condolences.
In addition to that, black–colored–wearings are the most attractive suits for electrons. And here is the relation between our architecture and vestimentary style: the electrostatic.
Furthermore, when it rains, exoboxian lads are to wear plastic hats (for the poor ones) or thick glass hats(for the rich ones) in order to do not get battered by the thunder and electrocuted by the lightning. However, the believers who conceive in reincarnation are allowed to not wear insulating hats in order to die willingly.
Rita Chebl 14:33, 30 October 2012 (EDT)


In Exoboxia, people normally choose or design their own clothes online. Each and every one of them sets a budget and the site gives him the quantity and quality of the materials which should be used (tissues...). If one of them wanted to get his new suits signed from a star or a celebrity, he should have to pay a little supplement. People can also buy clothes that are already produced by big designers; this operation is done online too. Hence, there are not shopping stores in Exoboxia, the planet of evolution.
Rita Chebl 13:41, 6 November 2012 (EST)

Architecture (Exotecture)

Exoboxian traditional houses are able to fly thanks to a continuous fire which raises them high in the air. In addition, every domicile has got a circle drawn in its middle from where exoboxian people go inside (we can also state that this circle is one of the prominent controls of the X-Box handling machine).
File:Traditional House.PNG
Moreover, exoboxian houses are formed by three essential floors:

  • 1st floor: It’s usually a 500m2 room where huge “beds” are found. These “beds” are, in fact, huge metal sheets where each member of the family sleeps alone (apart the parents, of course). Other miscellaneous objects are either found, such as nightstands, floor lamps, offices, chairs, modern machines … Walls can be built, in order to preserve privacy. Usual toilets are also located in this spacious chamber.
  • 2nd floor: The exoboxian are very friendly and hospitable; this is why they always invite each other. Invitations happen in that floor where guests and owners eat and enjoy their time. It is composed of a presentable kitchen in addition to a saloon including 3grey flying tables made of antique exoboxian rocks. A group of chairs circles each table. This room of 450 m2 contains either antique or very modern items (that is, contrast becomes one of the main themes of this chamber). Providing visitor’s toilets is also a must.
  • 3rd floor: It is the only holy floor of the building, that’s why it is situated at the highest point of the house. Exoboxian fellows pass in this floor only twice per day; at midday and at midnight for just half or one hour in order to meditate. It must be a quasi-empty floor, because of the only presence of each god’s statues.

On the other hand, modern exoboxian houses fly because of their negative charge in front of the negativity of the ground. Therefore, this repulsion exists in a controlled way. The “physics” part will explain that phenomenon.
File:Modern House.PNG

PS: Note that underwater houses do exist (that is, we can say that water and oceans are charged positively; consequently, homes are able to be attracted by water).
It's prohibited to live in "Mirabile's Gulf", because exoboxian consider it to be a natural blessing place.
Nour Khoury 13:25, 3 November 2012 (EDT)

Painting (Exomania)

The most important art in Exoboxia’s history was and will always be painting or exomania. The best exomanians (painters) are: “Paxz Yihy”, “Amo Pac” and “Mina Fido”.
Exoboxian painting is based on colors, every color has its own meaning; it is a way of expressing yourself in a very deep and profound way … Try it, trust us, you will surely have fun!
Furthermore, the most significant colors in the exomania are:
-Xyah: The basic color of the exomania (very similar to the iridescent colors of the rainbow).
-Pac: This color was named like that in honor to Amo Pac who created it and used it in all of his paintings. Obtaining this color returns to amalgamate yellow, brown and a little bit of white.
-Fido: This color and its derivates were the only ones used in Mina Fido’s paintings. Obtaining this color returns to mix blue, black and a little bit of red.
The more significant colors are used, the best the painting will be. However, it’s permitted to use normal colors (red, yellow…) as secondary in the exomanias.
Nour Khoury 14:07, 4 November 2012 (EST)
File:Painting 1.PNGFile:Painting 2.PNG File:Significant Colors.PNG

Sculpture (Exolpture)

In Exoboxia, sculpture or exolpture is a banned art, because the law says it is too antique. In spite of its public forbidden practice, it is only allowed to sculpt exoboxian gods such as: “Superman, Batman, Captain America…”
Nour Khoury 14:07, 4 November 2012 (EST)
File:Sculpture 1.PNGFile:Sculpture 2.PNG


From at least 2000 years the big scientist “Galvony Bright” came up with the greatest discovery in the history of Exoboxia. Recently he’s made big inventions:

  • The combinator: it is a kind of rounded box made entirely of glass. It produces a massive wave of energy and combines whatever is inside it: i.e.: the cargoplane, the chairobox, the telecan, all of the stereotypes of these inventions were fabricated by the combinator.
  • The chairobox: a kind of chair that can travel through time and move people by flying through the city. This chair flies in a super speed so it is able to teleport from a place to an other in a few seconds. It is the latest model in human transportation.
  • The cargoplane: it’s the reunification of three words: car, cargo which is a boat, and a plane. This mean of transport is the only one in Exoboxia. However, it can be produced by many companies, such as ”Porshibu, Dodgycan, Mercederian… ”
  • The telecan: as you know, on Earth, garbage is eating the ground. Exoboxia is a utopia where garbages are directly teleported to the dump zone. Consequently, it saves a lot of time, clears the passage and keeps the nature its beauty.

Roy Madi 09:33, 5 November 2012 (EST)


The exoboxian television is a kind of simulator that can get you into the action itself.
Through television you can smell, touch, see, taste and hear what you are watching; your 5 senses are involved
Sometimes it is able to teleport you through time to see the action "Live" even if it happened in a historical context. The person chooses all the television programs. Moreover, he can change or add new features in the movie he’s watching if he didn't appreciate the circumstances.
Nour Khoury 12:08, 6 November 2012 (EST)


Exoboxia knows a very advanced technology while talking about cinema. They have the 5D system where some new effects take place, in addition to the 3D and 4D outcomes. In fact, people in the room are exactly able to feel what the heroes are experiencing; they live in the same conditions: if during the movie rains fall down, the audience will feel that water falls from the ceiling of the room. If wind is blowing, spectators will feel some wind in the room. They can even smell and taste what the actors are smelling and tasting.
Briefly, people can live the movie as if they were present with the actors at the moment of filming.
Yara Zeitouny 15:33, 6 November 2012 (EST)


Here are some of the people that got famous in exoboxia:

  • Invisible Woman: she got famous when her wish to become invisible was fulfilled.
  • The Human Torch: he got famous when a miracle happened and he survived the house he set on fire when he was young, the boy came out alive but on fire that he could control.
  • Phoenix: this girl amazed the people by her beauty and sense of style. She also can relive when she is on fire, like a phoenix.
  • Mystique: this woman got famous because of her amazing acting skills. She was able to transform into any character she wants and of course have his voice.
  • Fiona: she isn’t a normal being... she is litteraly an ogre but with an amazing voice.
  • Rogue: a character who can drain someone’s energy. If I were you I wouldn’t get close to her.
  • Elastic Man: as his name says, he is elastic and an excellent teacher of music. He is able to play with any kind of instrument.

Roy Madi 13:15, 6 November 2012 (EST)


Gravitational lazerball

This is a game in which we are forced to use our heads in order to throw the ball. This game contains two original and important rules:

  • We must not throw the ball from our foot but only from the head or with the laser.
  • The walls of the room are round, so you can walk on them but there is a time accurate: the operation should not take more than 20 seconds.

Rita Chebl 15:20, 6 November 2012 (EST)


Exoboxian people organize a kind of race; not a running one but a flying one. And with an engine, they attach a cap then they put an electric charge into it. It becomes kind of solid in order to let the air lift them. Consequently, they glide and race,airborne, as if it was a kind of parachute game.
Rita Chebl 15:20, 6 November 2012 (EST)