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It all began with a God named *** He was the first God alive. In our culture, he is known as the "father of the gods". He was living alone in a blank space. When he started to get old, he thought that it was boring and some company wasn't too much. That's why he created a Goddess, ***, known as the "mother of the gods". Then, they both created 3 kids, ***, *** and ***. One day, the children thought that they had the power of creation, like they parents, so why not create a world where they could reign. But they started fighting about who will have more power, so each one wanted to show he was the best. The first kid, ***, created the land, with its animals. He was proud of the beautiful place he created, and they all thought he was the best. But few days later, animals and plants started to die, since there was no water. So the second kid, ***, changed everything into water, and created aquatic animals. He turned to the best one. Then came the third kid, ***, and he thought that it would be better if he combined both ideas. So he created a world with land and water. His creation was considered the best one, and the most beautiful one. He was the one who earned the power. And since that day, the third kid, ***, is the one who has all the power, and the one we worship.